TBI Bekasi Teacher Beaten by Armed Thugs (Guest Post)

Shortly after D**** had said she had enough, Binsar offered her part time work. She declined saying she didn’t want to be there anymore and had found something better. (She hadn’t found a new job really, but she had had enough of Binsar after he grabbed and bruised her.)

Just after this she decided to move out of the Bekasi area. After she packed and moved her stuff to a new place she went back to get her bike. En route to her new place just after setting off she was confronted by 3 men on bikes right at the end of her street. 2 had weapons and one didn’t. The unarmed person stopped in front of her bike so she couldn’t escape while the other two drove in from the sides. In broad daylight these guys knocked her off her bike and beat her, kicking her and hitting her with canes. According to D****, after about 2 minutes of this attack they all mounted their bikes and left. She was then helped by local residents and taken to the hospital where she remained for 5 days getting treatment. She was badly cut up after the attack and looked really terrible. Upon her release, one of the residents took her bike to her new house. Binsar contacted her and asked to visit her as he was worried. (Don’t know how he heard about the attack if he wasn’t behind it.) He later visited her trying to comfort her and convince her to go back to TBI. The same day she moved again to a new place because she knew Binsar now knew where she lived. After the move no one bothered her again.

“Was it Binsar?” Who knows.

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