Letter of the Day- On Ashley Platts’s Knifing of RD, Former TBI Bogor Manager

I knew RD personally- he was a very good man, very family oriented and a professional in his field. I know when he was in TBI Bogor he hired some great teachers and removed some not so good ones. The student numbers were constantly rising and his fellow teachers praised him a lot for his professionalism and work ethic.

Then along comes Ashley Platts, an unqualified spider who was only put in that position because of his friendship with Luke, and destroys a man’s life for no reason whatsoever. Maybe RD was a threat to Luke because he really was the better man and better manager. Maybe the duo needed to remove everyone who was competition to them. Ashley and Luke really are the worst pair of disloyal, corrupt, inhumane little children to ever be associated with TBI. It just goes to show a White face will get you a long way because outside of Indonesia, these two would have and be nothing, and one day when they circulate back to the world they will be nothing once more, except this time, they will have made a lot of enemies.

Along came a spider: Ashley Platts

Along came a spider: Ashley Platts

One thought on “Letter of the Day- On Ashley Platts’s Knifing of RD, Former TBI Bogor Manager

  1. Whole-heartedley as we agree with the general sentiments expressed in this letter- Ashley Platts is, indeed, a spider- we would like to add one factual correction. Unlike Scott Martin, Matthew France, Lilies Agustin, Niah and other talentless Luke Preece stooges, Ashley Platts does not owe his position in TBI to the corrupt patronage of Luke Preece. His rise in TBI was achieved by a combination of back-stabbing of rivals (he got the previous TBI Setiabudi manager, Simon B, black-listed for marijuana use) and constant brown-nosing of Mariam. In other words, he was another nasty piece of work like Luke, and they too of them have conspired to be “the last bules standing”. In truth, Ashley Platts was loathed by expat teachers when he was a manger, was well adept at over-charging TBI for taxi rides and other perks (Rp 150.000 for a Rp 50.000 taxi ride from Kuningan to Fatmawati was the norm) and always went home by 4 pm when he was manager. “Lazy charlatan” sounds about right to us. Apparently “waria use” is not worthy of the TBI blacklist or, according to many reports, he would find himself on there besides his former victim, Simon B. Platts, Preece and Kartikatresni are the reason TBI has suffered a massive fall in performance and repute.

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