You Two Are Just the Same and Completely Different! (Doh!) (SW)

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It’s not surprising that you and D**** are now in cahoots – peas in a pod and all that. However, it would have been wonderful to witness D**** working with you as her DOS/ACTEL/manager. You would have been horrified by her and she wouldn’t have lasted 2 months. Shame she never worked at MK. :)

Who is the complete idiot that the TBI Mafia have doing their “public relations” work these days? He is so jaw-droppingly dumb (I presume it is a man- most of Luke’s goombahs are) that you have to wonder why they haven’t written him off as a bad joke and an embarrassment. He certainly isn’t doing them any good.

First, let me applaud the brave woman who has come forward to stand up to the TBI bullies. Binsar conducted a psychological terrorism campaign against this woman, sneeringly calling her “bule”, mentioning the possibility of doing a hit on a former staff member, roughly man-handling her like a cheap thug and even bruising her. It is a shameful reflection on TBI’s broken, shambolic franchise system that the TBI Mafia allow Binsar to stay in business. In contrast, it must have taken a lot of courage for her to come forward when she knew how low TBI can stoop. It is also far from surprising that TBI would then conduct a smear campaign against her- this is what they do anyone from Cam to me to the former manager of TBI Malang who have spoken out against the rot. But you would think they would at least try and keep their story straight. Instead, we get the nonsensical gibberish quoted above.

In this latest poppycock they call Cam and D**** two peas in a pod. This expression means they are just the same- indistinguishable. Yet in the third sentence he completely contradicts himself and declares that she was so different to Cam that she would have “horrified” him and he wouldn’t have been able to stand her for 2 months. Huh? So what this dullard seems to be saying is, “You two are exactly the same except that you are so completely different you wouldn’t have been able to work together.” Doh! Amazingly, they didn’t even see the contradiction!

They are so busy throwing out insults, trying to score cheap points, that they don’t even think about the truth when they speak. It is surely this insult-hurling, fact-free tendency which the TBI Mafia has which leads them to contradict themselves with such humiliating frequency.

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