Can You Follow This Logic?

It is hard to know what to say about anything so completely, ridiculously stupid as the way the TBI Mafia have responded to the latest Bekasi witness statement. In a nutshell, I would say they have gone ape-shit. They are back bombarding the comments box with their angry rants like it is April 2012 all over again! It is hard to make any sense of their comments about TBI Bekasi, however. First, they denied these people were real and even told people we were “interviewing ourselves” in a bid to defraud the TEFL public. They were very clear- the TBI Bekasi victims did not exist. (Cue the eye-roll here). Then they came out swinging and said that they knew the names of the TBI Bekasi victims and claimed the latest one was an aggressive and unstable woman who had been “black-listed by EF”. I would hence summarize their ‘position’ as follows:

  The TBI Bekasi victims do not exist, and we know who they are, and they are all crazy, unreliable witnesses.

What is there to say about such errant nonsense? Does EF black-list teachers who do not exist now? Can people who do not exist be aggressive? Why should anyone listen to people who insist on contradicting themselves multiple times and changing their stories every time they speak?

And then there is the notion of how the Hell do the “comment-posters” know the full name of the TBI Bekasi teachers? The only expat in Senior Management is Luke Preece. We have said since Day One that all of the supposed backlash against this blog was engineered by Preece. They scoffed at it. But ask yourselves how a “regular teacher” would have access to the names of teachers who worked at TBI Bekasi several years ago. It’s impossible. There is no way they could know who she is unless they were fed the info by Preece. It was Preece who was Head of Franchise from 2011-2012 and it was Preece who failed dismally to control Binsar and protect teachers. (He can conduct a smear campaign against the witness all he likes (it is what Luke and Colm and Matthew did against Cam all over again, no?) but it is just a pathetic attempt by Preece to protect a disgusting alleged molester and gangster called Binsar. He really is down in the gutter. 


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