Why We Should Believe the New Witness

This blog has an approach to the truth which is diametrically opposed to the position of the vested interests at USG and TBI. While their goal has long been to keep TBI teachers in the dark about the real nature of the organization they work for (and they are very talented in the art of deceit), we have attempted to tear the mask off this immoral and dishonest Mafia, allowing the world to see the truth about the con that is TBI. By this point, we feel that we have been hugely successful. While Wall Street has gone from strength to strength, TBI is stagnant, stocked full of second-class VKU teachers who will be shown the door as soon as Immigration comes raiding. Their name is now, deservedly, mud.

That brings us to the latest witness whose story we have put on this website. The TBI Mafia have emerged from their lair and claimed that the latest witness is unreliable with a history of exaggerating the truth. They allege that she is an unreliable witness whose word cannot be trusted. Presumably she is part of an “insidious conspiracy theory” aimed to blacken the fair name of TBI. (Eyes roll vigorously at this point). Despite their blatantly obvious agenda (which is to protect Binsar and the other alleged criminals who run this scam-fest of a company), we feel it is worthwhile pointing out why we believe this witness’s testimony. There are a number of reasons which we have highlighted below. In essence, we believe her because what she says matches so exactly with the testimony given independently by other teachers over a long period of time. Unlike TBI, who change their story completely every few weeks, the TBI Bekasi victims have been remarkably consistent over a long period of time. 

   1) She mentions that Binsar, a 54 year old man, has an unhealthy interest in adolescent girls.

   Corroborated: As of early 2013, another teacher independently corroborated that Binsar does indeed store the numbers of hundreds of teens in his Blackberry.

    2) She mentions that her personal property was destroyed (tyres were slashed) while she was working at the school.

   Corroborated: A previous teacher reported being mugged in the TBI Bekasi car park. Several of them mentioned that their personal property was constantly stolen by Binsar’s goons.

    3) She mentions that Binsar discussed hiring a contract killer on a former teacher who had crossed him.

    Corroborated: Another teacher received death threats after threatening to leave TBI Bekasi. Death threats for people who tried to break free of his control were part of the TBI Bekasi experience

   4) BInsar was verbally abusive to her.

   Corroborated: The last teacher to work there from 2012-2013 mentioned that Binsar was aggressive and rude to teachers, even screaming at staff in meetings. He has a history of this sort of abusive, aggressive demeanor.

   5) Binsar was physically abusive to her, even leaving her with bruises.

    Corroborated: Other teachers have mentioned that Binsar was arrested for improper sexual conduct towards a TBi student several years ago. For a while there was a police car parked outside the school keeping an eye on Binsar. There have been previous allegations of unwanted physical / sexual conduct from Binsar.

    In summary, nothing that the new witness has said is completely surprising. It is all rather similar to previous witness reports which we have published. There is every reason to believe that Binsar may be a dangerous, predatory sociopath who has terrorized that school for too long. In contrast with the consistency between various teacher reports, there is TBI’s wildly inconsistent record on TBI Bekasi. For months they claimed that the TBI Bekasi victims were fake, claiming we had “made them up to defame TBI” and yesterday they (inadvertently) admitted they know the names of these teachers! It is TBI, not this teacher, whose story has been demonstrably falsified.


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