The TBI Character Assassination Squad (Part 1 of 4)

It is such a completely typical and boring response from the TBI Mafia that they now have gone into “character assassination” mode against the latest TBI Bekasi witness. This is what they do, like a knee-jerk reaction, every time anyone comes forward to question their corrupt little Mafia. (Luke Preece is the only one who really benefits from any of it, but he has duped people like Bradbury and O’Mahony into being his personal errand boys and/or attack dogs). There is a long history of this behavior, which we would like to focus on. No one should be surprised by now that they lash out at anyone who questions them, trying to smear their name as a diversionary tactic. Obviously, the fact that Luke Preece is protecting a “preman” (gangster) like Binsar Smorangkir, who has been accused of storing the names of hundreds of adolescent girls in his Blackberry, is a very serious accusation. But it has now been made by several different people (including the Christian guy who brought his pastor into TBI Bekasi). If Luke Preece and his minions have no problems standing up for an alleged molester (who according to some witnesses was arrested for suspected interference with a young girl) then they really are the lowest of the low. No wonder they are so desperate to try and create a diversion right now.

The funny thing is that these “character assassination” techniques are suspiciously familiar to anyone who has been around the company for a long time. A good example is the fact that both of the last two School Managers at TBI Malang were slandered by Luke Preece. He accused GA of being the criminal mastermind of a break-in at his own school with absolutely no proof at all. A random occurrence? Hardly. More like par for the course where Preece and his goons are concerned. GA’s predecessor, an expat manager, was also subjected to the same treatment. Here is the shameful way he was slandered on Dave’s ESL Cafe by a TBI insider, cowardly hiding behind the alias of “Ragil”.

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:14 am Post subject:
Right. Didn’t stop TBI Malang’s previous DOS who (not for reasons quite possibly unrelated to educational qualifications – or lack thereof – was a complete philistine and likely psychotic) didn’t even have a degree, let alone a relevant major of any kind. 

[Nor did this particular individual appear to own footwear which utilised laces, but I digress …] 

Anyway, it didn’t stop said DOS’s cv or fabricated testamurs from making claims to the contrary. Such is the problem with corruption (or casual footwear): Completely unacceptable, unless it suits one’s interests or can be gotten away with…. 

Do you notice the pattern? Whoever this spineless person is, they really do the character assassination job well here. In a few brief lines they make multiple allegations against this person:

1) They call him “psychotic”- the exact same word Luke used to describe us in the early days of this blog

2) They call him a “philistine”. Considering Luke’s idea of culture is drinking a few Victoria Bitters of a night, this is a pretty unfair claim.

3) They claim he faked his degree. Wow. You mean like you Luke, Scott, Matthew, Colm etc etc. Their hypocrisy is just priceless, isn’t it?

4) They accuse him of corruption and being a fraud.

Well, here is the wake-up call. It is a bit rich to believe that everyone who ever managed a TBI school except Luke Preece is “psychotic”. (The real truth is probably the exact opposite. Luke is a dangerous sociopath who is the only “morally insane” manager in the company). Furthermore, it’s a bit rich to expect anyone to believe that TBI has hired multiple “psychotic” managers and none of the blame should stick to TBI Head Office, even if it is true. Don’t they check references? Don’t they know how to recruit “sane” people?

In the end, they are so dumb that they don’t realize that throwing mud at every past manager and teacher who ever worked for them reflects badly on themselves. If these people were so bad, why did TBI not only hire them but promote them multiple times? Cam, for example, was promoted 3 times by Luke and yet he now expects people to believe he had no achievements. All we see time and again is character assassination techniques. Their claims make no sense unless they are the world’s most incompetent recruiters and supervisors anyway.

There is of course a far more simple explanation to all this. The simple explanation is that character assassination techniques are well known to be associated with deluded sociopaths. Here is what one expert has to say:

A sociopath’s goal is to protect their public persona — protect their real personality from being exposed — so that nothing will get in their way. They need to make sure your credibility is destroyed, so if anyone does listen to you, they won’t believe you. Saying that it is truly a living nightmare to work for such a person doesn’t do it justice. They often label all their former associates “crazy”- something most people accept at face value, making it less likely that others will take them seriously.

Sound familiar? Anyway, more on Luke’s character assassination squad tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “The TBI Character Assassination Squad (Part 1 of 4)

  1. I only comment on this blog because ‘Cammy baiting’ is one of my favorite sports. I hope this blog continues for another decade – keep up the good work – you’ll always be entertaining to me no matter what everyone else says.

  2. Thanks for confirming what we have been saying all along. As we have long said, Luke is such a sicko and that him and his minions deliberately play games with people- baiting them, as you call it. During his time as a manager this was also going on- they made complaints about wearing ties, having to do business classes and other completely standard things. Luke rewarded Colm and Matthew for making frivolous complaints. In a proper company, an even half-decent company, Senior Management would stand behind the manager who was enforcing their own rules: you have to wear ties, come on time and do lesson prep. But TBI is a farce and it actually punishes managers who enforce their own policies. But NO ONE in Jakarta thinks TBI is a patch on Wall Street now, so really the joke is on who? TBI’s name has been taken down into the gutter where it belongs…By the way, Cam hasn’t written a post in months…but keep on with your Cam-centric fantasies, Lukey.

  3. To the (unpublished) troll- just a question. How many times a day are you checking this blog at the moment? What’s your obsession with this blog? Someone in Indonesia is averaging several views per hour. What’s up with that? Also, any word on why TBI Bali hasn’t opened? Or this that in the “shameful Preece failures” category and hence unmentionable?

    As for “the bait”, I’ve ignored hundreds of posts from the TBI Mafia, much to your chagrin, (remember “worse than Communist China for censorship on this blog?”), but it’s good to let people know how weak and off-topic your ad hominem, irrelevant arguments are sometimes…

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