Defending Binsar Simorangkir

Last night, after we released astonishing new claims against Binsar Simorangkir, we received another post from (you guessed it) an anonymous poster who demands to be treated seriously despite wearing a mask and remaining “in cognito”. But this post yesterday was far more interesting than most of the “troll” comments of recent months. It wasn’t just Luke or his minions venting spleen after they were half-tanked on grog. It was one of those moments when they stupidly revealed much more than they intended to. More on this in the coming days. But at this point let me just observe that the post attacked the character of the interviewee, claiming that she was an unreliable witness and trying to discredit her generally.

We will have a lot to say about this post, but let me first just focus on a single point. Which profession sets out to try and discredit and undermine witnesses? A criminal defense lawyer, of course. Now of course Luke Preece is not a lawyer but he has no educational or management qualifications either, and that hasn’t stopped him from posing as some kind of “high-flying manager”. He likes to play roles that he isn’t qualified for. But I think this one- the crminal defense lawyer- is really telling in terms of his motivations. It is worth asking why Luke Preece feels compelled to attack this new witness and act like a criminal defense lawyer. We think the answer is pretty obvious. Luke has come on here trying to discredit this witness because his true role is to act as the Western defender of an Indonesian Mafia. He actually has no loyalty at all to Western teachers or managers; he knows his bread is buttered with the Indonesians (who he he mostly hates too) and so he does their bidding. Basically, he is on the side of Binsar and other TBI con-men against you, the humble teacher.

Defending Binsar and other Indonesian crooks is Luke Preece’s real job. What he did yesterday (we know it was him, and will prove it soon) is what he always does. His job is to cover up the scams and rip-offs and lies that his Indonesian masters spout. He is one of them, effectively, and they protect each other against anyone who threatens their little scams. Everything Luke says or does should be interpreted in the knowledge that he is an unqualified flake with no credentials (this is his one shot at a high-paying job and he is holding onto it at any cost). Sad as it is to say, the only real management job he will ever have is as the unofficial defender of Binsar, a foul-mouthed, violent psychopath who is a kind of Batak version of himself. Yes, Luke can hide his true nature better than Binsar, but they are both very similar overall. Luke is nothing more than the official apologist for this slimeball.

One thought on “Defending Binsar Simorangkir

  1. What about the person who was the target? If the person made a statement saying they was aware that Binsar had threatened their life, how could the goon squad still accuse it of being unreliable? Two different sources on the same story? The fact is that many have suffered, in many horrible ways and those who are still there are trying so hard to discredit the information for the simple reason, they are afraid.

    I mean, who would hire them after all of this? Or more important, Who would go after them knowing they were let off their leashes? After everything they have done, they have said there has no apology to the victims. If it was me i would want revenge, especially knowing they come on here and lie about an experience someone had while in their company. I’m surprised nothing has happened yet to any of them.

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