Shocking New Testimonial from Bekasi Victim- “I’m the Boss, Bule!”

14th August 2013

Interviewee: D

Interviewer: S

Subject: Hired help.

Interviewer: I have to ask before we begin, what made you finally spill this information?

Interviewee: I’m moving out of Jakarta to a different area to be with my soon to be Indonesian husband, I am not worried of anyone coming after me because my fiancé is now in a position to protect me and we will be out of harm’s way.

Interviewer: Fair enough, why don’t you start from the beginning?

Interviewee: Well as you know I worked at TBI Bekasi several years ago along with a few [now] very good friends. We had a pretty rough time but we made the most of it. In my short time there I remember being threatened to be blacklisted from Indonesia, I remember certain things being said would happen to my friends if I left and I remember the words “I don’t fucking care about you bule, I’m the boss”

Interviewer: Who said this?

Interviewee: Binsar, who was the school director.

Interviewer: So what happened?

Interviewee: After we all decided enough was enough, I remember the young lad I worked with being the first to say “I’m done”. He broke into Binsar’s office when he knew Binsar was out with another business teacher and stole documents and copies of records such as classes and income etc. He then got the office boy to hand deliver them directly to TBI Kuningan in hopes they would do something. (At the time we had no idea ALL their schools ran in the same way).

Interviewer: What happened with the documents?

Interviewee: We heard no word from TBI Kuningan. Either the office boy was Binsar’s eyes and ears and they got “lost” or they were received and destroyed by TBI Kuningan.

Interviewer: You said the young lad left. What happened?

Interviewee: After he quit and submitted the documents he went on to work for a good company doing what he loved; he’s still there to this day.

Interviewer: Good for him, so let’s skip to the following weeks. Can you explain what happened?

Interviewee: One of the American teachers wanted to get his own back, so when Binsar was preoccupied (probably flirting with 10 year old girls on his mobile in his office), the teacher stole some of the original English books as well as lesson records and class numbers and just simply walked out before his day was about to start. He felt bad for the students but he had had enough. Binsar really lost his temper when he found out and I was on the receiving end of his rage, which resulted in him grabbing me and squeezing my arm again saying “You fucking bule, you will never learn” which left me with bruising. He also nipped my waist a few times. That same day I couldn’t get home on my own because someone slashed my tires while I was in class. Luckily my boyfriend picked me up.

Interviewer: That’s really not nice, so he physically harmed you? When he threatened others would suffer did he mean it?

Interviewee: He did and then some.

Interviewer: Let’s go to the following week.

Interviewee: Binsar had calmed down after the weekend, he had called me into his office on Monday morning talking about promotion plans, he had asked my advice on what we could do to promote the school, he also apologized for grabbing and nipping me saying when he gets angry he reacts badly. I just kept my head down and agreed with him, after the little meeting he started asking personal questions about my private life, boyfriend, where I live etc. I had told him previously my boyfriend was in the army, that day I told him it was Kopassus. He said Kopassus were known as rule breakers and I agreed saying my boyfriend has done some naughty things.

Interviewer: All was fine after that?

Interviewee: No, as we finished laughing there was an awkward silence and Binsar kept eye contact, he just openly came out and said “If I give your boyfriend, say, 10 million, can he take care of a little problem for me?” I thought he was joking and said “Yea sure, what is it?” and I laughed, He said, “The teacher who left on Friday, Can he kill him? If no then maybe just get a few people and go to his house and teach him a lesson?”

Interviewer: Go on.

Interviewee: I didn’t know how to react, what do you say when your boss asks that question after hurting you the week before? I said I would call him and I left the room and called the teacher instead and told him what happened, he just laughed and said “Bring it on” I couldn’t take it, I decided then and there that I’m done. I went upstairs and grabbed my things and when I knew Binsar was in class I snuck out.

Interviewer: So all western teachers were gone at this point?

Interviewee: Yea, I was shaking all the way home, Binsar now knew where I lived so I packed my things and went to stay at my boyfriend’s base. Luckily I was allowed but not in the same barracks, they put my in a bed at the medical wing. My boyfriend offered to do something about him and I said no. No more trouble, leave it alone.

Interviewer: From what I’ve experienced and understood, before this, the teachers had it rough, is that a fair assumption?

Interviewee: Well imagine going into work and thinking “Will I be met in the car park again tonight? Will my purse be stolen? Will my bike be damaged?” and imagine having no way of escape because you knew you were working illegally but needed the money to survive. TBI was literally a box and once they got you inside, they sealed it and put a few holes in for you to breath. It was a prison neither a normal source of employment nor a school.

Interviewer: Well you have said your piece with the forum, I just wanted to get the final story you sent the sms about. I will ask that the forum keep you anonymous never the less.

Interviewee: Thank you.

The interview took place at Pizza Hut, Pasar Festival in Setia Budi at 7:14pm-8:30pm on August 14th 2013

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