Colm and Matthew Lies and a Thrown Book (SW)

When I first started this blog I was bombarded with vaguely ominous emails about the many, many “sins” of Cam at TBI Kuningan. This never made much sense to me. Why had they promoted him FOUR times between 2009 and 2011 if he had been as bad as they said? Why had Luke gushed with praise of him in reports to Mariam if he was really so “sinful”? The answer is that these sins were complete bunkum and never even happened.

In the end, these “sins” have always proven to be policies created by Luke Preece himself (and practiced at multiple schools) or complete fabrications spread by Matthew France and Colm O’Mahoney. Here are some of the Colm and Matthew porky pies (lies):

1) Cam stopped Mark B. coming back to Kuningan and sent him to Bandung instead!

  FALSE: Mark B. confirmed by email that this was rubbish. He had requested the move himself because he wanted to live in Bandung.

2) Cam had scared off Emma from starting at TBI Kuningan.

  FALSE: Emma herself confirmed by email later that she had never even met Cameron and her decision not to start was based on Camelia’s warning about how bad ALL of TBI was!

  3) Cameron had told Matthew by email that he wouldn’t be renewed. He didn’t even face the “guts” to tell him face to face.

  FALSE: This was a complete lie. We have leaked numerous emails from Luke, Cam and even HR which show that Matthew had been given numerous opportunities to renew and had himself decided not to. 

  There are many, many more examples of the lies of Matthew and Colm. For example former teacher Liz told us that Matthew France encouraged her not to do over-time so as to make scheduling difficult. Even more worrying, she confirmed that Matthew France had taken her and other new teachers aside  and warned her not to trust Cameron based upon the lies in 1) 2) and 3). He was deliberately undermining Cam’s reputation with lies (ie. he was committing slander on a systematic basis.)

    This pathological lying is so unprofessional and unethical that one doubts whether Matthew or Colm should ever have been in a school at all. Neither of them were qualified to do so certainly- they didn’t have a degree.

   But even after all this, they still haven’t given up entirely. Their new line (mentioned a few times of late) is being gay is itself illegal in Indonesia, so we are as bad as Luke. This is actually not true. But when did ignorance ever stop TBI “misinformation clowns” from opening their mouth? We will discuss the legalities of being gay in Indonesia in a later post to cure TBI’s class dunces of their ignorance.

    The second ploy is to mention that Cam must have been bad because a student once threw a book at him. This, apparently, is the best evidence they have that he was a “bad teacher” too.

   Hmm, as usual they lie by omission. They leave out the full story to make it better fit their agenda. The truth is that the student in question did not only throw a book at Cam but he also threatened to punch him in the head, get him fired and then, flying into a complete rage, he punched the door several times so hard that he knocked a hole through the door. This wild rage was caused by asking the offender why he was late to class! 

Is that Cam’s fault? I have worked in several very rough working-class schools in Australia. I have seen knives pulled a couple of times. Teachers have been assaulted a couple of times in places I have worked. Certainly teachers have been sworn at, threatened and abused on a pretty regular basis in some of these places. I’ve met some teenagers who don’t seem to know any adjective except “f***ing”. Several have ended up in juvenile detention centres.

   In Australian schools the offenders in cases of violent temper and rage are usually given a suspension of a few days. Perhaps a bit of “anger management” training is in order! It is NOT acceptable behavior in any school or workplace anywhere to punch holes in doors like someone off their head on steroids. But remember TBI was then under the influence of Ashley Platts. When another teacher (around the same time) had her mobile phone stolen inside TBI Kuningan he berated the teacher for “making a thief out of a poor office assistant by placing temptation in his way.” Clearly blame the victim is the style of these people. I do note however that even at the time Chris Needham eventually backed down, admitted that knocking holes in doors is not OK and asked the student to apologize to Cam for his assault on Cam (throwing a book) and for his outrageous temper tantrum.

   I wonder why they never mention the full story? Is it because when you know the whole truth, it doesn’t suit their agenda?

   One again, this is The Bullshit Institute at work. 

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