TBI Bekasi Overview (Guest Poster)

1:They employ illegal non-visa-holding teachers with the promise of sponsorship, then blackmail and bribe them into staying with death threats and intimidation.

2: They get their staff to steal from their teachers on a weekly basis.

3: They have no fear of other TBI schools because none of the other schools care even with evidence and testimony provided by the teachers and now ex-teachers.

4: They treat their Indonesian staff like underpaid slaves.

5: The TBI school head has been accused of sexual harassment and also pedophilia and has had police outside the school.

6: TBI Bekasi has done tax scams and also money laundering

7: The western staff were underpaid, made to work long hours and also threatened on a weekly basis.

And here’s a new kicker for you. Binsar tried to hire a female teacher who had a boyfriend in Kopassus to assassinate (kill) another teacher from America, as the other teacher knew how Binsar played his game and played a game back resulting in embarrassment and losses for Binsar. You know how the disgusting Batak pride can be.

I have the testimony of the witness in question and will get it published through this website now.

As always, Keep trying with your attempts. I’ll keep the fight going to.



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