The Eni Engriyani Story Part 3. How Luke and Eny Mambo

Towards the end of 2011, Luke made a number of poor decisions at TBI Kuningan. First he had let Rani, the highly successful Corporate Sales manager, leave. She was bringing in something like $20,000 of business a month on a salary of less than $400 a month and he decided to let her go! Furthermore, he compounded this stupidity by deciding not to replace her. Okaaaayyyy….so you don’t think it is worth hiring a single person to manage business accounts worth over $200,000 a year when you could have paid that person, what, less than $5,000 per annum (or even less if you didn’t want a hgh achiever). 

Then he decided a school which had done over $800,000 of business in 2011 under Cameron’s management didn’t need an Academic Team Leader. Okaaaayyyy….so Indonesian labor is so expensive you can’t afford to pay a little extra to promote one Indonesian teacher to the role. A second dumb move in a short space of time. What school with 675 students doesn’t have some kind of deputy manager and admin manager to help keep up standards? One would almost have thought he was determined to undermine the sitting school manager by stripping them off all support within a busy school. But of course Lukey wouldn’t be so under-handed as that, would he? He cares about his teachers and managers so much….

Then Eny was installed as school manager in December 2011, after Luke Preece lied that an unbalanced customer called Tante Vera was threatening to have Cam deported (Preece’s schemes seem to become ever madder and scandalous with each passing year). Eny was totally complicit in the lies and cover-ups at this point and she went around TBI ordering Indonesian staff never to mention Cameron’s name again. She also printed off every email Cam had ever sent her and put it in a folder and gave it to Mariam like a good little snitch and spy. She also threatened the staff with lawsuits or possible prison time if they were caught leaking information to this blog! This information was leaked to us by Minerva, who was ‘not renewed’ and not given a reference when they found out. In short, Eny proved herself a tyrannical and ruthless operator who would lie to teachers that Cam had resigned and intimidate Indonesian staff into silence by authoritarian threats. She was willing to be a puppet for Luke in order to a tiny bit of extra power.

I don’t have a trace of respect for this vicious little snipe. But in the interests of presenting the facts, her poor performance in the first half of 2012 was largely due to Luke Preece’s idiotic business decisions in 2011. Her nastiness and threats couldn’t have helped but she had no Business Sales person and no Academic Team Leader even though she started off with 675 students. It was business lunacy and it had Preece’s name all over it.

On Monday we will continue the Eny story with a more detailed look at her poor performance in 2012.



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