The Strange Case of the Fake Assault on Binsar

Have you ever heard of an ESL school, or any sane company for that matter, create rumors of a vigilante attack on an unpopular manager of their own school as a way of improving their image? Well, down right bizarre as this sounds, it is what has happened at TBI Fatmawati in recent weeks! So just in case you missed it, or are scratching your head at the sheer craziness of this, let me rephrase it for you. The newish manager of TBI Fatmawati (Nida, or something like that according to our source; we aren’t sure of the spelling though) has been going around telling outrageous lies about vigilante justice payback on a hated TBI manager- none other than the Terror of Bekasi, Binsar Simorangkir. The story reveals the depths of deceit and paranoia to which The British Institute has now sunk.

So what did TBI’s charmingly dishonest new manager Nida actually say? According to our source she has been telling people that there is no reason to worry anymore about TBI Bekasi SunCity, as Binsar has now gone. According to Nida, 3 British lads stormed the school a few weeks ago in an act of vigilante payback against the infamous Binsar. Binsar was beaten up badly by the assailants, one of whom had been cheated by the shifty Binsar and had decided to enlist his friends to “teach Binsar a lesson”. Our informant tells us that Nida actually said that there is no need to worry about TBI Bekasi exploitation in the future as “the situation has worked itself out.” (When we first head this we were shocked. Was TBI actually condoning and supporting violent action against rogue TBI managers?) Apparently the revenge attack alerted the school owner to the damage Binsar was doing to the school and he was forced out, once and for all.

As soon as Cam heard this story, he smelt a rat. Would 3 British expats really be so stupid as to conduct a ‘revenge raid’ on a school in Indonesia? After all, if there were aware of Binsar’s reputation, they would have heard he had corrupt police backing him up and was heavily involved in some sort of Batak Mafia. Beating up a well-connected Indonesian (with possible Mafia connections would be a crazy thing to do. After all, this is Bekasi where a British teacher had just been arrested the month before for cannabis use and was facing serious jail time. Cam immediately doubted that the raid had ever happened. For these reasons we never reported the story of ‘Binsar’s ousting’.

To check the validity of the story, we asked our student contact at that school and he / she confirmed that Binsar was still coming in the school. Hmmm. Just to make sure I called the school and asked to speak to the school manager and was immediately transferred to Binsar. Hmm. Hmmm banget. So incredible as it seemed, TBI had invented a Steven Seagal-style “revenge payback mission” by three valiant British lads against Binsar! The Bohong Institute had now gone to the incredible lengths of endorsing violence against one of their own school managers as a credible way of conflict resolution! We will ask why on Earth these paranoid, pathologically lying critters have stooped so low tomorrow, but in the meantime, the ESL community should pause for a moment and shake their heads in collective shame at this disgraceful performance by Nida and TBI.

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