80,000 Views and Counting (Updated)

Just a brief note about this blog. Last night we passed 80,000 views for the two blogs combined. It amazes us that every day 50 to 100 people come to this site and read a story or two. (The average reader will click on this site once or twice, giving us an average of around 120 clicks per day for 2013). This is really a very high number for a school which only hires a handful of legal expat teachers now. So who are all these readers?

We don’t know really. The vast majority come from Indonesia now, meaning they are probably people in TBI or the industry generally. We also get quite a few views from Vietnam and Thailand. Based on our communication with them, these are people looking for ESL jobs and they find us as part of their research about employers. Many potential teachers have avoided the TBI career dead-end (no expats except Luke and Ashley!) because of this blog, and we are glad of that fact. That Binsar has had a hard time of late finding victims also warms the cockles of our heart.

But do you know the main interest our readers have? The most interest is about Luke Preece. Month after month the top stories are about this scoundrel. Nothing beats interest in Preece. Stories about TBI Kelapa Gading, Binsar of Bekasi and USG get views- quite a lot really- but the stories about the dishonest antics of Luke Preece get by far the most. He is their #1 toxic ‘asset’ and his many former victims love reading about how his toxic influence has poisoned TBI this month. Ratna…..gone. TBI Malang…..gone. Mariam Kartikatresni, Luke’s long term patron……..gone. TBI Seamarang…..gone. Everything he touches is commercial poison and by keeping him, they only poison their own future. Some may even call it bad karma.

7th May 2013 Update: We have been contacted by an anonymous person (responding to this post) who has congratulated us on 80,000 views and asked us to clarify the reasons why a former KTC teacher was not renewed after his / her first 3-month KTC installment. (For new readers, the KTC was an illegal scam dreamed up by Luke Preece to fool Imigrasi and DIKNAS and ‘save’ TBI). As this person was in no way involved with Luke Preece’s ESL mafia, we do not think it is ethical to discuss his performance, especially with an unnamed comment-poster. We can say that the matter ended amicably and no complaints or grievances were ever entered into. The problems which led to this decision in no way involve any unethical wrongdoing on the said teacher’s behalf.

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