Jangan Bohong Nida! Itu Dosa

The behavior of Nida, the newish School Manager of TBI Fatmawati, would be very peculiar in most contexts, but it is strangely typical of The British Institute. After all, pathological lying from Luke Preece has been his main contribution to the culture of TBI. Nida has probably been inducted into the culture of massive and remorseless lying which he has brought to the company. Remember that in 2010 he told Mariam that GA from Malang had masterminded the break-in at his own school (with zero proof). Remember that he didn’t even meet the victims of Binsar from Bekasi even though he went around Head Office telling people that he “cared about and valued teachers.” And then there is the incredible fact that he lied to everyone for years that he had a Degree in Geology, but he refused to produce the document when challenged.

     Ask yourself would you lie about a vigilante attack on TBI teachers which never happened? That is the bohong (lie) which Nida has told. Lying that Binsar was assaulted by 3 British lads in a revenge attack for being cheated by Binsar is no ‘white lie’. This is no little fib. This is an elaborate and fully developed piece of deception. Saying that Binsar had been removed from his position when he still ensconced in his lair in TBI Bekasi is again a complete and elaborate fabrication. Nida hasn’t just fudged the truth by telling this story, she hasn’t just embellished the story and added a few extra details. The whole thing was an elaborate work of fiction forced upon trusting teachers. It isn’t for nothing that this company has earned the name The Bullshit Institute. 

   The question is, did Nida create this story or was she told to say it? As school manager of a Group School, she would have had no direct involvement with Binsar; he was in a franchise school supervised by Hery (Luke’s replacement since the double school closure debacle of December 2012). So who told her this lie? Whose agenda did it advance? Her direct supervisor is Preece (unless he has suffered even more of a demotion than we know of.) So there are a number of possible explanations for Nida’s massive lie about the Bekasi revenge attack (which never happened):

    – Nida is a talented and imaginative liar who just like Preece likes to tell long and detailed ‘bohongs’ about other people (unlikely)

    – Nida had been instructed to tell this lie to this teacher who was asking questions about TBI Bekasi. Perhaps the BDTA (Luke Preece) had given the instruction. He has a long history of putting lies into the mouths of Matthew France, Niah, Minnie and other willing accomplices. (very possible)

    – The lie was specifically created in this situation to try and embarrass us. If we printed that Binsar had removed after an attack, we would embarrass ourselves (lucky we saw through this far-fetched story) and they would also be able to trace a potential “leak” within their organization (quite likely)

    While we cannot know for sure, it seems very coincidental that Nida would be another pathological liar like Preece. It is more likely she is being ‘corrupted’ into the culture of lies within the Bullshit Institute. She was probably instructed to say this and has complied, wanting to protect her job. Lie by lie, conspiracy by conspiracy, Luke has ruined the reputation of TBI, while corrupting others with his insane lies and immoral schemes. This lie is exactly his style and while we won’t know for sure, it seems highly unlikely it originated with Nida, who is probably just a mouthpiece. It seems this crazy story is another of Preece’s schemes, force-fed into the mouth of Fatmawati’s Liar-in-Chief in Training.


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