TBI Regime Change Part 3. Dracula Takes Over the Blood Bank

In this series we are offering our reading of recent major changes at the top of TBI. In the first part we suggested that all the new titles and the shroud of secrecy can be simply explained by the vestiges of Mariam’s connections and power. She has been offered a face saving deal whereby she has lost all real power but has maintained an honorific title over a tiny department where she can do no damage.

In the second part we saw how Luke’s demotion as Head of Franchise was the culmination of eight months of setbacks that began with the start of this blog and its highly compromising revelations about his lies and abuse of colleagues. We also suggested that the refusal of Hery, Luke’s replacement, to help the first teacher to make a serious complaint against Binsar was a strong indication that no real progress has been made at Head Office. They are still anti-teacher and pro-owner. The discredited old policies are still in place.

Noe we turn to the new COO, the new boss: Count Dracula, better known as Reza Suriansha. On the old blog we already named him as Pak Salah Input, showing emails where his accounting team apologized for accounting errors (a true euphemism) of up to fifty million rupiah at a pop. We have also showed income statements where TBI paid around $40 tax on $70,000 of income, proving that Reza was overseeing tax evasion on an Al Capone-like scale in his former role as Head of Finance. You may also remember that Reza ‘lost’ $50000 when TBI Jakarta moved its main office from Setiabudi to Kuningan.Reza had paid a non-refundable deposit on a premises which turned out to be closed after 6 pm! So the deal fell through and TBI moved to Menara Kuningan, losing the massive deposit. Apparently losing the equivalent of 10 years’ salary for an Indonesian teacher is not enough to get you fired at USG. At best Reza was guilty of appalling negligence and incompetence. At worst the whole lost deposit was a scam cooked up to fleece TBI and its trusting students. Imagine what good all that money could have done.

Finally there were Luke Preece’s bizarre claims that he sometimes delivered the student payments from TBI Dago directly to Reza in a suitcase. Preece, so the story went, would drive down from Bandung and make special cash deliveries to Reza. This cloak and dagger stuff had clearly marked out Reza as one of the most suspicious figures in the TBI Inner Circle. There is simply no reason why cash should have been handled in this way and we were fools for believing that Preece was just naively obeying orders. Reza like Preece himself were both dodgy and shifty people who were working in hand to hand to loot and plunder TBI. These dodgy dealings also provide dirt for Preece to use against Reza. His survival albeit in a diminished capacity is probably due to what he knows about Reza.

So in conclusion we say Reza has a long history of financial impropriety, suspicious dealings and tax evasion. We can’t help thinking that appointing him as the new supervisor of all TBI is like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank. If they had appointed new blood to replace Mariam, there may have been some hope of change, but instead they appointed one of the greediest bloodsuckers in the history of the company. TBI is still under the control of one of the most corrupt members of the inner circle. The Reign of Error may be over, but now we have Count Dracula guarding the lifeblood of TBI. Anyone care to wager a bet how this one will go?

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