Photo of the Day: TBI Semarang Grand Opening Dancing Girls

In this photo we see the Javanese dancing girls which were procured for the TBI Semarang Grand Opening. Clearly there were great hopes held for TBI Semarang once. Retty- Luke Preece’s predecessor as the Head of Franchise- had sold yet another franchise and things were looking up for TBI. It now had a presence in Indonesia’s fifth biggest city! It was 2008, just four a half short years ago, when the school opened its doors amid fanfare and revelry. We have been unable to determine whether Mariam Kartikatresni choreographed the production: she does fancy herself as a bit of a hoofer. Nevertheless, the TBI Director, then just a couple of years into her Reign of Error, is shown receiving a floral garland around her neck in the second picture. But, alas, to paraphrase a French poet, “Where, oh where, are the TBI Semarangs and Javanese dancing girls of yesteryear?”


TBI semarang 3

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