Photo of the Day: The Former Team from the Bankrupt TBI Semarang

This photo comes from the opening of TBI Semarang in 2008. It comes from the TBI Semarang Facebook, which hasn’t been updated in several years! We have some big news to bring readers on TBI Semarang on Monday. We will send a free Tibby doll to the first three readers who write in to us and correctly guess what that news is! In the meantime, feast your eyes on the photo from the TBI Semarang Grand Opening.

TBI Semarang

In the centre of the photo is Helmy Vramerryan, who allegedly sexually harassed half a dozen women within the school. (In a typical piece of nepotism, he was, according to our sources, a relative of Retty, the Head of Franchise. You can see her second from the right, wearing spectacles.)

On the far right , the bald-headed man is Ashley Platts, the business charlatan who sold Mariam KPIs and the Grow Model without acknowledging that someone else had invented them. Ashley is very camera-shy and doesn’t even have a Linked-In in a Linked-In-mad company: my guess is he was a lot to hide about his past.

To the left of Helmy, who allegedly stole Rp 75.000.000 from the marketing budget just weeks later, is Mariam Kartikatresni, the TBI Director. A highly narcissistic personality, she loves thrusting herself into photos all over the Internet, but attending a party and wearing a floral necklace is probably the most work she did that year.

The bearded expat was the Academic Team Leader. He eventually turned up in Jakarta and complained that the school owner had broken his promise to get him a KITAS for the entire year. Ashley ordered the Academic Team Leader of TBI Kuningan not to help him! Within five months of this photo being taken, Helmy was gone, dogged by alleged of sexual and financial impropriety. And remember send in your guess as to what the TBI Semarang news is along with a valid email address to win a free Tibby Doll! Click on the photo for a full-size picture of the TBI Dream Team!

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