Photo of the Day: TBI Semarang Grand Opening 2008

TBI Semarang went bankrupt in 2012, going out of business after 5 lackluster years. During that time it had been the victim of visa scams, 6 different claims of sexual harassment by female employees against Helmy, the former manager, who also embezzled around $8000 from the budget. Typically, he was recommended by a former manager who hadn’t disclosed that they were, in fact, cousins. Nepotism helped sink this unfortunate school, whose investors had been misled by the fraudulent promises of the TBI team. The fall-out from the sex allegations and the embezzlement was such that the franchise owner and the TBI authorities were not even on speaking terms. When the school finally sank, the owner expressed regret at ever having gone into business with the TBI clowns.

But today, you are cordially invited to take a trip down memory lane to the official opening of TBI Semarang. Here you will find such TBI Mafia luminaries as Ashley ‘KPI Thief’ Platts, Retty, who Luke Preece eventually backstabbed to take over Franchise, and Mariam Kartikatresni who fits TBI into her busy schedule between long lunches and dance troop rehearsals. With talent like this, it’s no wonder the language chain is shrinking rapidly! You will also meet Helmy V., who allegedly molested more than half a dozen women and embezzled funds from two different TBI Franchise schools! What a dream team! No wonder that TBI Semarang  has…….oops! Almost let our Monday news slip there.Here is the invitation board to the TBI Semarang opening festivities:


The school opened in 2008 with great hopes

Then we had the famed Javanese dancing girls. Wonder if Mariam was on hand to lend some choreography tips!


Grand opening for TBI Semarang- 2008-2012

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