Lipi’s Testimonial: Mariam Stooge, Tuti, Avoids Investigating Luke Preece

It was now abundantly clear that TBI was no better than a nest of vipers and no amount of battling would make them right their wrongs. This was not a place where I could envisage continuing to work. Thus, my next step was to email H.O. and request to be released from my contract, with no penalties. Here is my email, detailing all of their dreadful actions, and indeed their response to it, which latter may surprise you even more than the list of accusations I made….

Dear Ibu Tuti,

You may recall that on Sunday 27th November, I sent an email to HR documenting both my experience being recruited by and working for Cameron Lindsay and my deep disgust at the way he has been treated by TBI. Since then, not only have I received no response to my email but subsequent events have only served to fuel that revulsion. 

Firstly, having already been lied to at the TBI Menara Kuningan staff meeting on Friday 25th November when Cameron’s “resignation” was made public, and approached and then lied to again by the head of marketing, Lilies, who, in trying to persuade me to continue work on the magazine that Cameron and I had started working on together prior to his dismissal, had the gall to claim it as her idea, on Monday 28th November I had a meeting with Luke P. The purpose of this meeting was supposedly for Luke to explain the “resignation” and answer any questions or concerns regarding this. Once again, I was lied to repeatedly. I begin to question whether TBI and any of its management representatives are in fact able to identify the truth, as they certainly do not seem capable of speaking it. 

Secondly, despite all these lies, TBI and its representatives seem to expect me to continue to go above and beyond the call of duty, as I had been prior to this scandalous affair. As I asked in my email to HR on the 27th of November, and again in my meeting with Luke P. on Monday 28th of November, and have still not received a satisfactory response to, why and how would I feel able to continue doing more than is contractually required of me for a company who is so unprincipled that, in addition to treating its employees so badly, cannot own its appalling behaviour but must in fact lie about it? 

Thirdly, in addition to all of these lies and the request that I continue on as before regardless, I have been told to calm down, be quiet and work as diligently as previously with whomever replaces Cameron as school manager at TBI Menara Kuningan. I am asked not to cause trouble. Thus, in essence, I have been instructed to ignore my principles. Furthermore, it is insinuated that standing up for what is right, rather than turning a blind eye to all that is wrong, is one and the same as simply being a troublemaker. I take great offence both to the request that I ignore my principles and the suggestion that standing by them makes me no more than a troublemaker. I would put forward that it is not me who is causing trouble, it is the management at TBI. I am merely objecting to the flagrant disregard for what is right that I have repeatedly observed throughout the disgraceful series of events that have occurred at TBI during the last two weeks. 

Unlike what would appear to be the majority of the management at TBI, not only do I have principles but I will NOT compromise where they are concerned. What I have witnessed is sorely at odds with these principles and I have, as a result, stood up for what I believe. There will therefore no longer be a magazine at Menara Kuningan, and I have no more involvement with the study centre or anything related to that. These are all things I had been doing voluntarily, when I still believed that the TBI mission and values statements had some validity rather than just being empty words. 

It is my principles that lead me to write this email today and request that TBI release me from my contract with no penalties. I feel so deeply unable to continue working for this company, as a direct result of the shocking behaviour that TBI management have engaged in, that I wish to leave. As I did so much and in such a short time for TBI, before these terrible events of the last two weeks, and had until then been prepared to continue going above and beyond what was required of me, and as it is the behaviour of TBI management that makes me unable to continue doing this, I feel that TBI should release me without penalty. I feel it will be best for both parties if I am no longer at Menara Kuningan as I no longer feel I have anything to offer it and therefore it seems a waste of money for TBI to secure another KITAS for me, as mine will expire shortly. 

I am due to leave for my Christmas leave on the 22nd of December, and wish not to return after this holiday. I am prepared to teach my classes up until then in order to give TBI time to recruit a replacement for me. 

I look forward to receiving confirmation of my request. 

Yours sincerely,


The reply:

Dear EP,

Thank you for your email. We understand and respect your decision of not continuing your contract with TBI. I apologize for the delay of my response to your earlier email because it was under discussions by the management team at that time.

Please be advised that management can accept your resignation. We will work on your EPO (Exit Permit Only) based on your schedule of leaving the country. 

For proper administration, please send me your formal resignation letter and send it to my office in Sudirman.


Tuti M

If you had been accused of even half of what I outlined in my resignation request, and you were innocent, would you not have defended yourself? Would you not have fought back with the truth? The powers that be at TBI could not do this because the accusations were the truth and so damning that there was no possible defense that they could make.

I responded to Tuti’s email by requesting confirmation for the contract-breaking penalty to be waived. This was the response:

Dear EP,

 This is to confirm that you will not be penalized for your resignation from TBI. Please make sure that your resignation letter is sent to me within the day (before 5:00pm today).

 Thank you and regards,

 Tuti Maryati I HR Manager I UniSadhuGuna 

(End of part 3)

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