Lipi’s Testimonial: Why She Doesn’t Trust Eny and Lilies

The first clash with TBI authority figures that I experienced was the emergency staff meeting, that took place on Friday 18th November. This was preceded by a memo sent out by Luke P., detailing CL’s “unfortunate resignation”. The meeting was chaired by Ms Eny and Ms Lilies. Why would the marketing officer of the whole group be involved in a staff meeting supposedly brought about by the result of a customer complaint at a single school? She had never come to meetings before. It just didn’t make sense.

This would be baffling, were it not for her close links with Luke Preece. The memo was handed out and CL’s resignation announced. I asked what had happened to lead to this so-called resignation and they claimed to be unable to answer this simple question. I said it was thought that TBI had denied CL any support over the illegal visa they had furnished him with. I asked if we teachers would also be resigned (deliberately transitive!) if any complaints were made about us. Again, no satisfactory response was given. Then, after the meeting, Ms Lilies approached me, under instruction from Luke, as she let slip part way through the conversation, to persuade me to continue making the magazine for TBI MK. In the process of this pathetic attempt at persuasion, she claimed the idea of it as her own. Being as it was in fact CL’s idea, this wasn’t her brightest move. For her, it was at worst a faux pas, at best a vain attempt to discredit CL. Either which way, a complete failure.

Clash number two took place on Monday 21st November, in the shape of a meeting with Luke Preece himself. The acting school manager, Ms Eny, was present at this meeting. I took notes of the main points that Luke made, each of which was clear evidence of previous lies. The main purpose of that meeting, from his point of view, was to pull the wool over my eyes and persuade me to continue working my heart out. Unfortunately for him, I wasn’t so easily fooled. All he succeeded in doing was to confirm what a dirty liar he truly is. I typed up and expanded on my notes, to send them to CL and SW as further evidence of our suspicions, and kept the handwritten page safely aside for later. Soon after this, it became apparent that the TBI email system had been tampered with, and as this was linked up to CL’s own account, for the several days before this was discovered, all our emails were intercepted by what is essentially the TBI mafia. These guys would stoop to the lowest levels and lower.

Clash number three involved myself and the acting school manager, Ms Eny. I took my very brief handwritten notes to her and asked her to look over them and tell me whether she thought them an accurate account of the meeting with Luke. She did so and confirmed that this was indeed exactly what Luke had said. I asked her to sign them. She immediately became angry and threatening, telling me that I was employed as a teacher and that I should concentrate on doing my job. That this issue was none of my business and I should be quiet and let head office sort it out. Ah, Ms Eny, when they come for you, there will indeed be no one left to speak for you. This was, then, the second time I was told not to cause trouble.

Yet the trouble had only just begun…

(End of part 2)

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