Part 53. Binsar Simorangkir Slave Labor Speaks

In September 2012, we re-interviewed one of the four victims of Binsar (TBI Bekasi) who we have had contact with. He is a busy businessperson these days, who views TBI as the worst six months of his life. We asked him about the allegations being aired by Matthew, Colm and Luke that we are psychotics, so not to be trusted, and also sought clarification of Ashley and Luke’s complicity with the TBI Bekasi slave-labor scandals.

What do you make of the claims being aired by Matthew France and Luke that Binsar is really a good guy and that the mistreatment you suffered at the hands of Binsar never happened and is just a product of “psychosis” on our part? 

Honestly, it actually makes me feel mad and hurt at the same time. I know what I went through: the psychological bullying, the slave wages and the threats if I left and spoke about it I would be deported or killed and now these people are defending this scumbag Batak, Binsar, when they should be looking out for their own, not their own wallets. It makes me sick they would defend such a man rather than sort him out and shut him down for the terrible treatment to others over the YEARS and the damage to TBI. It hurts they just come and lie outright like this to try and save their already destroyed and damaged reputation rather than be professional and admit the problem and then fix it.

How many expat teachers do you know personally who have worked for Binsar? Were any of them ever aided by Luke or Ashley at the time they were being used as ‘expat slave labor’ by Binsar?

I personally know and still keep in touch with 4 others whom I worked with in my time there. Each of them have their own story to tell and thanks to your blog they have had the chance to tell it. We attempted several times to contact head office, we called, we sent documents anonymously to show what’s going on and we were never visited nor contacted for anything by anyone. Our TBI was a dark little secret that we were scared to talk about and when we asked for help we were just ignored. So no, in the 2 years between the 5 of us we were never aided or assisted by anyone from TBI. We were on our own.

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