Better Lock Up the Sugar, Binsar (A Summary of Bekasi Allegations)

Starting in February 2013, we bought you 13 serialized installments of a teacher’s report from inside TBI Bekasi. This was the first ever teacher to finsh a contract with the school’s owner-manager-terrorizer, Binsar Simorangkir. The fact that it took almost 5 years before one ex-pat managed to stay at TBI Bekasi Suncity for a full one-year contract tells you really how bad an employer TBI Bekasi is. The man is terror to work for, and even the longest-serving expat teacher in the history of the school was so filled with outrage at what he witnessed that he thought that he ought to write a lengthy warning about the school to his fellow teachers. Here are some of the main allegations issued by this latest teacher against Binsar, the Fagan of Bekasi:

1) Binsar reneged on a promise to pay for ALL of this teacher’s airfare to Singapore

2) Binsar went back on a promise to pay 100% of his THR if the teacher proved he was a practicing Christian (Binsar’s real God is grubby money, really)

3) Binsar was a foul-tempered boss who would often vent his spleen at teachers

4) Binsar used his own child as a spy inisde the class Kirby (TBI loves moles and spies!)

5) Binsar illegally seized the teacher’s KITAS, which he legally had to keep on his person

6) Binsar pressured teachers to live near the school so he could spy on them

7) Binsar was so cheap he even locked up the sugar bowl!

8) Binsar wouldn’t let teachers make their own photocopies (scared of losing money)

9) Binsar’s toilets were horrible, old and needed repairs

10) TBI Bekasi’s computers are very old and also virus-ridden

11) Binsar broke repeated verbal promises to the teacher and was therefore described as “as slippery as an eel”

12) When Binsar broke the law (and his word) by not paying THR to the teacher. Hery Sofiyandi, the Head of Franchise, refused to make Binsar do the right thing

13) Head Office only turned up once in a year, and then they broke the promises they made during the meeting

14) Binsar has a reputation for black magic and no longer enters church himself

15) Binsar stores dozens and dozens of underage girls and boys phone numbers in his phone and engages in other “grooming” of minors

16) TBI Bekasi is a failing school with only a couple of students in many classes

17) At times there was not even a printer which students could use

18) The Indonesian tecahers there are good overall, but Binsar sometimes yells at them when students make complaints

19) Binsar employed a teenager from the UK as a ‘Native Speaker’ teacher. He even said he would let him teach IELTS and TOEFL

20) Binsar routinely employs unqualified expats as teachers

21) Binsar routinely cheats his own students out of their 50% Native Speaker component

22) TBI Bekasi only had revenue of around Rp 1.6 billion in 2012 and rarely had much above 150 students remaining

23) Binsar was running 16% of his business as ‘non-TBI’ courses, even though they took place within the TBI building, and didn’t pay royalties on them

24) Student assistants would regularly disappear with no explanation given. Many of these had previously complained of groping and other forms of sexual harassment from Binsar

25) Binsar was completely computer illiterate and had to rely on his staff to do anything more complex than emails

26) TBI Bekasi had only a quarter as many students at EF Bekasi and had much worse resources and facilities for kids

27) Binsar actually called expat by the impolite term of “bule”, basically “Whitie”, in anger

And let me just remind you all what TBI Head Office has done about these allegations: absolutely nothing. They just don’t care, turning a blind eye to all of these scams.

At this point, we should advise anyone, including the truly desperate, to avoid this dire establishment.

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