Try a Little Consistency, TBI

One of the greatest rackets that TBI has always run on its critics is to accuse them of having bad grammar. David Bradbury, the CELTA Trainer, was horrific in this manner. He seemed to think it was good manners to correct people’s grammar and pronunciation in social situations. Apparently in his world, stroking his own ego was more important than building rapport. I was struck personally by his rudeness in this manner and I was not surprised to hear that several teachers complained about his insufferable smugness. A good coach will be sensitive and encouraging: showing off your knowledge in an exhibitionistic and nasty manner, aimed at belittling others, is poor form.

We were hardly surprised then that when we started this blog then one of the means of attack was a barrage of anonymous attack on the volume of typos and grammar mistakes in this blog. Predictably, when TBI Bekasi victims started coming forward, they were also subjected to attacks on their grammar. ‘Heaven help us if this guy has been teaching English’, came one nasty witticism from ‘Michelle’, that well-known TBI cross-dresser.

To test our theory that these attacks on grammar were just part of an arsenal of manipulative behaviors aimed at undermining critics of TBI, we published several emails and website posts from Mariam, Lilies and UIC Design School which were riddled with grammar mistakes. We invited these anonymous critics to ravage the TBI Mafia’s grammar. Very, very predictably, they didn’t write a word in criticism of these emails and posts. Clearly, they were only pretending to be sticklers and pedants, obsessed with good grammar. What they really are is TBI Mafia defenders, who won’t say one word against their mob queen, Mariam. There is a complete lack of consistency which is typical of TBI. They pretend to have standards- for example about grammar or education generally- but really their only agenda is maintaining their own lucrative little scams.

Today we have published a typically atrocious email from Lilies, littered with punctuation errors and grammatical errors. If David and Luke are really who they claim to be, let them send us in an analysis of how bad she is. We dare you. But in reality they will ignore all proof of Tante Lilies’s unprofessional conduct, because she is Luke’s ex-lover and present crony.


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