TBI Lies to Lipi That **** Is HIV Positive

****** was  unable to get a visa because Indonesia requires a HIV test now. But you knew that, right? That’s why nobody will ever see this post, will they L*****?

Former TBI Kuningan teacher Lipi received this post telling her that **** was HIV positive, which is completely false. I imagine Colm O’Mahony, Matthew France and Luke Preece, who strenuously deny the existence of homophobia as a motivation, believe that our sexuality had nothing to do with the fake allegations of being HIV positive. It was just a coincidence, was it, that they chose the gay teachers to make fake HIV positive slander about?

As we say, the truth has always been on our side. So all TBI under Luke Preece is left with is sexuality and gender-based vilification of a rather extreme nature. Unwilling to engage in a sensible debate, they have thrown hateful vitriol at us and then accused us of ‘censorship’ for not publishing their lies and hate speech. In reality, there is not one respectable outlet in the Western World which would publish this hateful trash. We don’t see why we should either.

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