TBI (The British Institute) Teacher Testimonial: Abusive and Degrading Treatment

Today we have published the original teacher’s report from the first blog. I asked the teacher (name kept hidden for his safety) to write out his story. Predictably, Luke Preece and his cyber-bully friends attacked the grammar as not up to TBI standards. This is one of their well-established bullying techniques. Not one of Luke Preece, Scott Martin, Colm O’Mahony or Matthew France have a degree, but if someone starts criticizing them they pretend TBI is Harvard and set to attacking the writer’s grammar. It is nothing but the technique of expert manipulators, adept at creating a distraction.
Nonetheless, we asked the TBI victim to polish it and here it is. This document is a shocking record of how Binsar Simorangkir, Luke Preece’s direct report, has terrorized expat teachers since 2008. It is an important record of TBI’s true attitude towards its teachers.

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