TBI Hate Week: What If Someone Tracks Down Your Niece?

A few weeks ago the abusive comments to this blog took an even nastier turn. No longer content to just throw insults, an anonymous poster asked us to consider how we would feel if someone ended up tracking down our niece and “smashing her head in with a brick.” They publically wonder why we have dubbed them a TEFL Mafia, but we ask any sane bystander to judge whether normal language schools respond to criticism in this way. We accused them of sinking to lowest-of-the-low behaviour in contemplating a brutal murder. We then aired these threats as an example of the true “TBI way”. With the complete irresponsibility and self-righteousness of the sociopath, the poster then decided he was justified in contemplating murder and sent us a bizarre post, trying to defend their immoral threats by finding us at fault. The anonymous poster also denies that the poster was Luke Preece (who had our niece’s email address and Facebook account after she helped him to try and recruit teachers). Why anyone but Luke would want to deny it was Luke is questionable but here is their response:

Or it could have been anyone who read the living in Indonesia forum where someone questioned the sanity of pissing off so many people, some of whom might end up back in Australia, on the dole, and with plenty of time to track down your family in order to get even with you. It was actually a plea for everyone to forgive you for the damage you might cause to people’s lives and careers. The question I asked was, in effect, do you even care? Or are you willing to let others be hurt by your ridiculous behavior? C******’s profile is on your twitter account, for which you provide a link. No special detective badge needed. Who else is on your facebook page? You might want to hide their photos in case there is anyone else as bad at letting things go as you are.

In this horrible post from April 2012, the TBI Mafia spokesman questions our sanity for revealing what TBI is like when a fired TBI Mafia member might end up back in Australia (say Luke Preece or Scott Martin, perhaps?) and track down our niece. Apparently, if a TBI teacher ‘tracked down’ our family members, that would be our fault. This whole bizarre post was a defense of the person who had suggested that Cam’s niece, C*****, might get smashed in the face with a brick. The whole thing is the product of a sick mind but thinks that violence is a legitimate tactic. Bricks in faces threats against family members! And they wonder why we have dubbed them an ESL Mafia.

We suspect that Luke Preece might have realized he had overstepped the line here because, in a typical move, he then tried to create a diversion. His goons then started telling people online that we had issued death threats against his child. Where is the evidence I wonder for this horrible lie? ThI won’t be forthcoming because there is not a trace of truth to this. What kind of person lies that someone has threatened to kill their child just to win pity for himself anyway? As we have proven, it was Luke Preece and TBI who have threatened us and our family members. In a pathetic attempt at salvaging the tatters of his reputation, Luke and his goons have resorted to baseless allegations that we are just as bad as him. Lies to cover up lies is their style. One wonders where their depravity will end.

2 thoughts on “TBI Hate Week: What If Someone Tracks Down Your Niece?

  1. What a shame none of these posts ever got published in full so that we could see the full horror. Or would that have negated your argument, by adding context? So hard to tell when only one side of the story is told.

  2. Actually more than 100 of the comments got published in full, despite their general idiocy. Some were edited that included slanderously false information. You don’t get to go around saying people are HIV positive and psychotic when both are false- it’s called slander. Just out of curiosity though… In what “context” might be it be okay to go around threatening to smash a young woman’s head in with a brick? Or, before you resort to semantics, in which context would it be permissible to allude (Mafia style) to the “possibility” of a niece’s head being smashed in if you don’t stop in a particular course of action? Is it ever okay to intimidate people with the mention of their loved ones being brutally murdered? It’s psycho behavior in ANY context surely?

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