TBI Mafia Hate Week: Misogynist Garbage

Nobody loves Lipi
lizzielizieluke.fucklizziestinks,co.id x
Submitted on 2012/04/28 at 7:09 am | In reply to tbikuningan.

Oh right. You can’t publish anything that is “potty mouthed”, so you avoid posting everything I write except for the bits with swearing. I see how this works. No-one but you can see the email address. That was a private message for you. But you just had to make it public. As I said, this is a totally one-sided blog. You have really hitched your star to the wrong wagon here, LiPi.

For a few weeks in April 2012, the comments box was being managed by a former female TBI teacher who knew first hand that Luke Preece and Lilies Agustine were liars. The TBI Mafia responded by launching a bizarre and deranged series of posts which were (in typical Luke Preece style) obsessed with bodily odors and menstrual blood. Ranting like a true psychopath, this TBI defender makes comments like “L***** smells like bad period”, and “Fuck L**** stinks.”

Like us, the teacher in question decided that the orchestrator of the hate campaign was suffering from some form of psychopathy or sociopathy and we closed the comments box.

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