Luke Preece’s Child Molester Threats

During May 2012, Luke Preece made threats that he would accuse us of being child molesters if we didn’t stop exposing his mafia with this blog. We received more than a dozen emails and tweets telling us that someone ‘was saying awful things about us” and then links to some discussion of child molesters on Dave’s ESL Cafe was sent to us.

This was the lowest of the low in all his sick campaign. Luke and his stooges have pretty much tried this again with his new sick hate blog. Luke Preece was trying to intimidate us into silence through making threats he would accuse us of sex offences if we didn’t stop exposing his Mafia. Note that he uses the terms ‘kiddie-fiddler’. Preece and Martin are the only two people we have ever heard use this term. This pair seem to think child sex abuse is a laughing matter. This word identifies the source of this evil threat as Preece and also note the email address left is the one of Luke Preece’s own TBI Support Unit. This blatantly Mafia style tactic comes from either Luke Preece or one of his accomplices. Matthew France confessed knowledge of this vile sex-offence smear campaign to a colleague at Penabur International School at the exact time this was going on, which marks him out as one accomplice after the fact in this case of criminal defamation, but all the evidence suggests that Luke Preece of Port Noarlunga, South Australia was the author.

People, ask yourselves, do you really want to work for a man who would stoop to these depths to maintain his position in the halls of petty power? Look below and he openly says he will accuse of sex offences and even though it is just the TBI Mafia causing problems, we should be worried people will believe it. TBI is vile, people. You just can’t believe how low they will go.

Pascal Chimbonda
Submitted on 2012/05/03 at 5:36 pm

Quick someone get LiPi, Anonymous’ grammar, punctuation, and capitalization are all apalling!!!!!!!!!!

You really want to know what I think about at night? You couldn’t handle it, the mind of Pascal Chimbonda is an epic place. EPIC!!!!

No comment on the whole “I think this dude might be a kiddie fiddler” thing? Wow, if I were you I’d be all over that one. It’s one thing getting wound up on your own blog, but when it’s out of your control, on a public forum……….Even if it’s just the TBI Mafia stirring the pot, I’d be worried, shit like that sticks.


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