Celebrating ‘Hate Week’ with the TBI Hate-Mongers

Komodo Dragon

So David and Luke should apologise? Because you knew nothing, Cam? Fuck right off. You were at least as corrupt as all you refer to. Your teachers hated you. Not because of your policies. They just hated you.

Then there is the following, from the same cohort of TBI teachers and managers, all closely linked to Luke Preece, who write things such as follows, usually with juvenile, sexually-obsessed aliases. The whole thing is a textbook case of homophobic vilification, but then, like the Ku Klux Klan members who claim they are not racists, they deny all taint of homophobia:

Free flintstone

Ca**** and Se*****, what a couple of sad little cockloving, assrimming poofters LOL. You guys are such typical poofter bitches, truly worse than a woman scorned LMAO pity you haven’t got the testosterone in ur decorative balls to actually publish mine and all other negative comments aimed at you both. Fucking homosexual cretins! :)

This week we are highlighting the pure senseless hatred which has characterized the campaign against Cam, I and others who have supported our exposition. As these scary TBI people keep telling us over and over, “We don’t hate you because of your policies or sexuality. We just hate you.” We believe that there are serious psychopathological currents at work here. This is simply not how ethical or even sub-par companies respond to criticism. Yes, Cam knew that there were chronic problems in the company but Luke told him he was fighting to fix them. In reality, he was worse than the Mariams and Nings he was lambasting. Luke’s calculated deceit of us lies at the core of our outrage with the company and our decision to resign from Kelapa Gading and become whistleblowers. Like many whistleblowers before us, our fate has been ruthless vilification, often with a very nasty, threatening edge. Anyway, here is the poster for the Nazi movie, ‘The Eternal Jew’. It too is a celebration of hatred.

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