Notice of Intention to Resign (22nd February, 2012)

Dear Mr Udin I just wanted to inform you about recent events at TBI Kelapa Gading, briefly, from my perspective. I am sure Mr Pauwsan has briefed you about all this, but I have cc-ed him as a courtesy. Last week I decided to open a study centre (library) in the school and donated over 100 books to the school. I decided to locate the study centre in the area formerly used as a waiting room because the study centre at other TBIs is always near the front desk; I believe a library shows that we are a serious place of study. Firlana, Wantori and Rahman argued against the idea and Wantori and Rahman refused to buy bookcases or move furniture. They were extremely uncooperative and claimed that they had bad backs and so on. At the same time Firlana was supporting them by arguing it was a ‘security’ issue. He said Wantori and Rahman would not be able to watch the nannies. The real problem, of course, is that they would not be able watch sinetrons. Firlana then rang Mr Pauwsan twice to complain about the issue, saying that there had been written complaints. Opening a library in a school is usually considered a good thing, but they tried to stop it many many times. I said I was sure the parental complaint was forced or ‘dipaksa’ and Mr Pauwsan agreed he had the same impression. It is very obvious to me that Firlana had organized opposition to the study centre as a wayto ‘cari muka’ with the support staff. Since he became OS, they have refused to do tasks and generally been very rude and unfriendly. Firlana called Mr Pauwsan to complain about the study centre but at the same time he did not do any of his set tasks. He had been asked to chase student payments, update data, print the planner and so on. He has done none of these jobs, but merely spent his time creating conflict in the school. He has a history of this. He has often been rude and difficult with me in the past. He lied to you about a contract at Priok, saying I had refused it because I was anti-corruption. The real reason was because we had no capacity to send 10 Native Speakers to Priok simultaneously. I have been sure since that time that Firlana is a dishonest person who tells lies to create problems for me. It is also obvious he has been the leader in this opposition to the library, using it as an excuse to create dissent and dissatisfaction with the staff. Since the library has been opened, it has been very popular. There were more than a dozen students and parents looking at books in there today. The idea that Indonesians don’t want a library in a school has been proven wrong. Yet Firlana has used his new position to encourage laziness and disobedience in the support staff. As a result I have told Mr Pauwsan and wish to repeat now that I will not continue as SM unless he is terminated. He is a dishonest trouble-maker who knows nothing about the school. He did not know about student payments, student books or anything else when I asked him about TBI in front of Mr Pauwsan. He is a lazy and incompetent person who is making life impossible inside the school by ordering the office assistants not to do their jobs. I ask you to terminate him or I will need to give my resignation notice. Kind Regards, Sean

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