Firlana’s Fake Removal (28th February 2012)

Dear Owners ,Thank you for removing Firlana from the position. Having encouraged insubordination and rebellion from the staff, who had become extremely rude under his orders, it was a necessary measure. He plotted with the staff so they would not have to do more work and set a terrible example in terms of rudeness, lack of effort and lack of responsibility. It was sad but not surprising to see that his response to my concerns was just to call in sick again on Thursday and Friday. He was the ‘dalang’ of all the problems in this school for a long time, and it is a tremendous relief he has gone. One of the issues that has been raised in the part is open and honest communication. The reason Firlana was able to claim credit for so much work he did not do, and also to spread lies about the situation with the study centre, was because of a lack of communication between myself and you, the owners. I will ensure that I send information about progress and projects much more often. However, it needs to be a two-way process. If there is no feedback whatsoever to my emails, that will just encourage me to keep quiet. On a separate note, my salary is still not in my BCA account. I understand that the salaries for February were high, but please understand we have been doing a record number of in-house classes. Trisakti alone owes us Rp 67.500.000. Teaching 130 hours of In-House per month is an expensive option. Sadly Firlana and Puspa have both failed to follow-up with our In-House clients and so payment here is late. Chasing up late payments is my top priority at this point. Kind Regards

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