Pauwsan Sutanto to Me (2nd March 2012)

Luke Preece, Colm and Matthew have repeatedly told people that the reason for this blog is sour grapes. They keep telling people that Cam and I were fired from TBI Kelapa Gading. It is true that there was a lot of conflict during the last couple of months due to Firlana Ismayadin organizing a stop-work protest against the opening of a school library. It is also true that Firlana created false student complaints against the new teacher, Lipi, in a bizarre attempt to sow discord. More on this soon. But that all three of us were fired on the same day is a complete lie. The truth is Lipi, Cam, and I all resigned on February 29, 2012 due to an increasingly impossible situation within the school, organized by Firlana and Nunu, and fatigue with the hopeless TBI management system whereby Head Office continually played power politics and favoured connections and cronyism over performance. I wanted to go through this whole matter systematically and am still back in 2009, but I think it is necessary to debunk the ‘we were fired’ myth here and now. The section of this email in bold makes no sense at all unless I resigned. Here is an email from the school owner, Pauwsan Sutanto, which supports my version of events. I will be publishing many more documents from Kelapa Gading in 2012, including hard proof of how student numbers collapsed by over 30% by the end of May under Nunu.

Hi Sean,


Thanks for your email, I will be more careful and meticulous on that issue

 Frankly speaking, I regrets & missed you that you are not with us and not longer manage TBI Kelapa Gading, you are good school manager, succeed manage TBI for the last 2 years, good teacher, good counter-parts (many times we argues and deals), nice & honest person, full-dedicated person, everybody likes you (teachers, staffs and me)..

 But, it was all-over, no need regrettable, we must look the future, do not have to look back

 And from the bottom of my heart, I would say thank you very much for your contribution to make TBI Kelapa Gading getting better, very pleasant cooperation and wonderful time together. I apologize if there has been an act or words that are not pleased


All the Best and God Bless Us


Best rgds, PS

Now the purpose of this email was probably to try and smooth things over. I do not take the praise entirely at face value. But read the section in bold closely and see if it makes any sense unless it was me who resigned. As usual, Colm and Matthew and Luke have been posting information direct from Bohongpedia.

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