Why Did Luke Preece Lie I Had Been Fired?

Since starting this blog in March 2012, we have encountered a barrage of false information about us and TBI. One of the more common lies we have encountered is that S, L and C were all fired from TBI Kelapa Gading on 29.2.2012. Luke Preece is the Head of Franchise and is the only person who has access to the owners, so when Colm  O’Mahony and Matthew France mention that Cam was appointed Actel and the owner’s interview for the position, this information could only have come from Luke Brenton Preece. We will publish much more hard proof that Luke was talking to Colm and Matthew about this issue in due course.

I have now printed 3 different emails which support my side of the story. All 3 of us resigned on the same day because Firlana had organized protests against us and Firlana and Wantori, the Office Assistants, had refused to work on a school library or do most other jobs I had assigned them. In the end, bored of the sad power games of TBI, I gave the owners notice I would be resigning if Firlana (who had been caught organizing the protests against the library) was not removed. Lipi had also been slandered by Firlana: first he created fake student complaints against her and second he told people she was fired for being ‘a stripper’. The email from Pauwsan Sutanto expresses his regret I have decided to leave and my emails show that I had given notice of this intention in the week running up to the decision. Luke Preece has been lying in telling people that we fired. What is true, is that the job had become increasingly difficult as Luke and Firlana engineered dissent and lack of cooperation within the school.

So why did Luke Preece lie that we had been fired? The answer is simple: it suits his agenda. He has tried to paint as black a picture as possible of us and the idea we left TBI rather than were fired does not support his agenda. He alleges that the only reason for this blog is sour grapes for being fired: if we actually chose to leave and start this blog in protest at TBI Mafia practices (which is what really happened), then our position looks more principled. We will soon publish the pay information from Feb 2012 which shows that Cam was paid as the new Academic Team Leader, showing that the owners accepted this new role. We will also show emails where I was offered other higher-paying jobs in Jakarta after resigning from TBI. The idea we are just angry because ‘we lost our cushy lifestyle in Jakarta’ is false. If we had gone quietly and let other people suffer at the hands of the TBI Mafia, we could have stayed in Jakarta on higher incomes. The truth is, you simply can’t trust what Luke Preece tells you.

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