TBI Bekasi Victim Isn’t Real: Insulting Claims from Mafia

There’s no way this ‘Binsar victim’ is genuine. Any balanced human being would read your blog for 5 minutes and realise what looneys you are. This is a made up character – no doubt. If he read extbibitches he wouldn’t be calling people disinformation clowns.

We received this in the comments box today. A prominent poster to the TBI Mafia blog (of which Colm is the first confirmed author- we strongly suspect Matthew France, Luke Preece and Bradbury are also on board) has made the deeply insulting and offensive claim that the TBI Bekasi victims are not real. This is the strongest proof yet that they have no agenda except to discredit us. They have told everyone we are evil and don’t care about anyone else. Our efforts to clean up rogue schools like Jalan Riau (where Luke’s best friend was installed as a stooge School Manager) and TBI Bekasi, where a Batak preman has terrorized British nationals, is deeply threatening to the uncaring, callous image with which Preece wishes to paint of us. The idea that Bekasi was a moral cesspool where death threats and robberies were part of the TBI way is so deeply threatening to Luke Preece- the Franchise Manager in charge of the criminal school- that he has to use his friends to lie that the Bekasi scandal never happened. It did. And Luke Preece is culpable.

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