Part 16. Binsar Victim Discusses the Bekasi ‘Clean Up’

How did you feel when you read that Binsar has given up ‘grifting’?
At first of course I was skeptical. I mean this guy has been doing this for how many years to how many people? Then I checked Simon’s blog and it made me think, “Wow what an impact our actions have had.” This totally disapproves the disinformation clowns, who have been trying to bring this blog down by saying we’re all raving lunatics on the Internet. In reality we can make a school with a bad history turn around like this because of what we did. It was about time someone stepped in and cleaned that place up.
What do you attribute Binsar’s sudden change of conduct to?
Fear. He’s already been in trouble off the police recently, due to the allegations that he interfered with a TBI student sexually, so I can imagine if anyone stumbled on the blog and read about his illegal activities he would be scared. I think maybe someone in TBI has actually gone down there and sat with him and told him to get his act together. I would have loved to been in on that conversation.
Have you been offered any compensation from TBI due to Binsar’s previous criminal behavior?
No and I probably never will, but at least now we have peace of mind that people will be taken care of and the school will be based more on student needs and less on what’s good for Binsar’s pocket.
What do you feel is the best way to ensure that Binsar doesn’t regress to his previous style of doing business?
TBI need to keep an eye on the books on a regular basis. I know he under reports students and falsifies income statements. Random, unannounced visits would be a good idea in Binsar’s case. Also I would highly recommend one to one confidential interviews with his staff to see how he is behaving. The situation has obviously improved  a lot due to the blog but maintenance is required.

One thought on “Part 16. Binsar Victim Discusses the Bekasi ‘Clean Up’

  1. A prominent poster to the TBI Mafia blog (of which Colm is the first confirmed author- we strongly suspect Matthew France, Luke Preece and Bradbury are also on board) has made the deeply insulting and offensive claim that the TBI Bekasi victims are not real. This is the strongest proof yet that they have no agenda except to discredit us. They have told everyone we are evil and don’t care about anyone else. Our efforts to clean up rogue schools like Jalan Riau (where Luke’s best friend was installed as a stooge School Manager) and TBI Bekasi, where a Batak preman has terrorized British nationals, is deeply threatening to the uncaring, callous image which Preece and his stooges wish to paint of us. The idea that Bekasi was a moral cesspool where death threats and robberies were part of the TBI way is so deeply threatening to Luke Preece- the Franchise Manager in charge of the criminal school- that he has to use his friends to lie that the Bekasi scandal never happened. It did. And Luke Preece is culpable.

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