“MentalNutJob” Is Also “MK Victim” and “Don’tBelieveTheHype”- Hard Proof

We have long said that the negative comments made about this blog are actually a very small group of people using multiple aliases. Today we offer irrefutable proof. This morning a “new” comment poster calling himself “MK Victim” has arrived. This is part of the TBI Mafia’s desperate attempts to get the spotlight off TBI Bekasi, where teachers have recently claimed Binsar assaulted a female expat, leaving her with bruises, and where another teacher has alleged that Binsar’s school computer is used to consume a “smorgasbord of (teenaged) porn”. With damaging allegations flooding in, TBI goons have fallen back on the old trick of scapegoating a former manager from TBI Kuningan. Never mind that he was not even mentioned as a problem in any of the TBI Bekasi victim statements. Let’s just clutch at straws and see if we can pin the blame for Binsar’s antics at TBI Bekasi on Cam, who has never even entered TBI Bekasi Suncity!

But instead we offer proof that “MK Victim” is not actually a new person at all. It is an old heckler using a new alias. How can we prove it? While we are able to edit the comments and even email addresses on this blog, we are unable to alter the code number of the post to WordPress. This code is unalterable by the blog user. If you look closely at the two posts below you will see that the code for the posts from “MK Victim” this morning is identical to the former troll calling himself, “MentalNutJobs”. It also the very same person who has been calling himself, “Don’tBelieveTheHype” (DBTH), posting around 20 different comments over recent days. He might have made up a new alias but it is the same guy using the same computer and the number proves it. This really shows the misinformation agents at work, trying to create the impression many people support Luke and TBI, when in fact it’s the same old faces using multiple aliases to hide their lack of support. This sad indiviudal, with no one supporting his Mafia anymore, is now forced to invent “fake friends”, but the ploy has failed. Here we have 3 different IDs with identical codes. It’s all the same guy on a single computer! Click on them to see a larger version. They all have the same computer code: Caught red-handed, again.




EXTBI is CammyWhammy? No indeed! But MK Victim is Mentalnutjobs? That’s now a proven fact. And he’s also “Don’tBelieveTheHype”. Imagine accusing other people of using multiple aliases when that is what you are in fact doing yourself! Does the term “pathological liar” mean anything to these people?

2 thoughts on ““MentalNutJob” Is Also “MK Victim” and “Don’tBelieveTheHype”- Hard Proof

  1. It hardly makes you a genius. If I’d wanted to I could quite easily have used a proxy server to change that code. It’s not as if you weren’t cracking on about it last week.

    • I never said it made me a genius. But it does make you a fraud. Any comments on why you are using multiple IDs and then accusing others of doing it at the same time? Is it just possibly to try and create the impression that there is broad opposition to this blog rather than self-centred fear from one man? Were the allegations against us and the blog as fake as your multiple aliases?

      Furthermore, any comments on why you are attacking us for revealing that Binsar at TBI Bekasi is consuming under-age porn on the school premises? Also, any word on why you now admit the TBI Bekasi teachers are real when you lied for a year that we had “invented” them? Is it obvious to even the TBI Mafia that no one is buying their lies anymore?

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