How Luke Preece Constantly Lies and Reinvents History

“I have known Matthew F***** for over three years and in all my time at TBI I have never seen an employee descend in this manner. I believe that there may be other external factors influencing Matthew’s behaviour; however what is clear is that he has an agenda to damage Cameron. This seems to be his motivation going forward as he has no legitimate grievance. Every grievance Matthew has had with Cameron in his time at TBI Jakarta he has generally brought to me, so I am very aware of his issues.”

It is true that Cam had a rough time with one particular teacher at TBI Kuningan. His name was Matthew France. In the 11 months Cam managed that school (hand-picked and appointed by Luke Preece, who now claims Cam was a bad manager for years, despite Preece’s frequent promotions of him), Matthew made about a dozen complaints about Cam- in the end taking them to HR. What were these complaints (which, in an incredible example of false equivalence, TBI is now comparing to the TBI Bekasi fiasco) which Luke can’t shut up about? Luke Preece’s report to HR, reprinted a few days ago, covers some of them. Here are the main ones:

1) Matthew France refused to teach business classes (every other teacher in the school had to do them as well)

2) Matthew refused to teach In-House classes as they were “too profitable for TBI”

3) Matthew didn’t want to have to come to school 45 minutes before his first lesson and do prep

4) Matthew didn’t want to wear a tie

5) Matthew refused to attend a staff party to celebrate booming student numbers when the school (under Cam) reached 600 students for the first time in 2 years

Basically, every single complaint Matthew made about Cam was long-term TBI policy. In 2013, under Eny, they have to teach business classes, wear ties, come to school before their first class and do In-House classes. No wonder Luke Preece, in his own words, concluded that Matthew had “no legitimate grievance” against Cameron. Let me emphasize- these are the words of TBI Senior Management in their own internal documents. And what else could Luke Preece say? Cameron had run every single one of these decisions by Luke himself. Every time Matthew had complained, Cameron had asked Luke, “Should I let him excuse himself from business classes when all the other teachers have to do them?” Aware that Matthew was difficult, Cam did the sensible thing and got his boss’s support for every decision he made about him.

But since we have left and started a blog, my how the story has changed. “No legitimate grievance” has since been re-imagined as “a reign of terror”. Cameron is now described as the equivalent of the porn-addicted, paypacket-stealing, tire-slashing BInsar. One of the TBI goons (as of late night) has threatened to track down the TBI Bekasi teachers on facebook and “tell them the truth” about Cameron’s record. Funny thing, how “no legitimate grievance” against Cameron at all has now morphed into “a reign of terror.” They don’t even blink before doing a 180 degree turn and completely rewriting history. Just the most shameless bunch of liars and defamers I have ever met. They are the most flagrant re-writers of history since George Orwell’s 1984.

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