Prediction: TBI Bali Is About to Close

This will be a very brief post based on a discussion I had this evening. I was told that not only have all 3 TBI Surabaya schools closed in recent months, but another victim is on the way. TBI was doing badly before the Covid pandemic and it is now truly the sick man of Indonesian TEFL. My informant told me that the decision has been made to close TBI Bali, which is one of their worst performing schools. The failing TBI company is taking the opportunity to close down one of its least successful branches. As of today, the school is still on their website but it won’t stay there according to this source. Let’s see what develops in the coming days, but remember, you heard it first here.

One thought on “Prediction: TBI Bali Is About to Close

  1. Study Bali International is Luke’s new scam. Please warn people.
    Luke is scamming students and teachers alike in a another miserable venture.
    Luke invites teachers to Bali to work on illegal social visas.
    Luke promises one wage, then pays another upon arrival.
    Luke is trying to build big study camps for Korean and Chinese students.
    Luke has two sycophant cult members working wiping his drooping ass. is his new dumpster fire. is his fake social media presence is where he pretends to have steady clients and teachers.
    Only his two acolytes remain. Luke is not gone, he has just switched one letter TBI -> SBI

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