TBI Bali Opening (2 Years Late)- We Told You So!

Over the past few weeks TBI has been advertising for staff for TBI Bali, which presumably will open sometime later this year. Here is a link to the job in case you want to be the Office Supervisor there! Why they can’t get one of their own staff to do the job is a bit of a mystery- perhaps they don’t think a Muslim will go down well in Hindu Bali. Racial tolerance is not foremost among Indonesian virtues these days.


We will discuss what this all means in the coming days, but first let us make a simple but important point: We told you so.

Well, last year on the old blog, we leaked a document which was Luke Preece’s ‘business plan’ for TBI Bali. We will put it up again in the coming days. This document is important because it proves that we know what we are talking about. Luke and his cronies (Matthew, Scott and Colm, least of all) have long told people we are making up this stuff- that we are liars. Well, do they now claim that it is just a coincidence that we knew TBI Bali was the next project? They have told people that we have been faking documents, but the report was clearly true- TBI Bali was next in line to be opened. 

The main thing we want to make clear at this point is that we have been proven right; our insider information has been confirmed. However shocking our revelations about the inner workings of TBI are, they are true. This is largely accepted now everywhere. No one gets upset online anymore if you say TBI management is corrupt and unprofessional. In fact it is quite widely discussed on a number of online forums these days. 

A second related point is this leaked report about TBI Bali reveals how close Luke Preece was to Cameron. Preece has now tried to distance himself from us and say we know nothing about him, but this is clearly false. Why did Cam have a copy of the TBI business plan? I can tell you that this was because Luke was pretending to be Cameron’s friend and consulting him on major business decisions on a routine basis. No one else had access to this kind of document. Much as Luke has since gone on a scoiopathic smear campaign against Cam, at the time he took Cam’s advice on many things and pretended to be his friend. Why was Cameron given unique access to the business plan if Luke regarded him as a loose canon? Luke’s story does not remotely make sense. The truth is that Luke is a deluded sociopath who turned on Cam when his sales figures became so good at TBI Kuningan that Mariam was talking about giving him a promotion in 2012. 

We will have more on the 2-year- late TBI Bali soon.


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