TBI Sudirman RIP (2002-2016)

Today we would like to report the solemn news that TBI Sudirman has bitten the dust. Kicked the bucket. Passed away. In short, TBI Sudirman is ‘mampus’: dead.

In the most disastrous turn of events in the history of TBI, they have been caught so chronically short of money that they are now unable to pay the rent for another year at TBI Sudirman. Whatever spin these liars will try and put on it, the truth is very, very simple. They simply did not have enough money when the owners of the Sequis Centre jacked up the rent by hundreds of millions of rupiah. They are a failing company which is in the pathetic state of not even being able to pay rent at schools they have rented for the past fourteen years. It is this simple really: TBI Sudirman has gone out of business.

It is true that TBI schools have gone broke in the past. TBI Semarang and TBI Cengkareng spring to kind. However, TBI Sudirman was in the Sequis Centre, the building where TBI’s Head Office was located. To have been driven out of their own Head Office by a lack of money is a humiliation which makes their past failures look small. This was no franchise school in a shop-house in the suburbs. They have lost their most prestigious property due to a humiliating inability to pay the rent.

We have been reporting for months on the parlous and unstable finances of this fading language chain. We told readers that a wage freeze had been announced due to deteriorating financial conditions and crashing student numbers. Yet even we are surprised at the swiftness and scale of their decline. They are now down one group-managed school and have been kicked out of their own Head Office due to a lack of cash. Ning and Reza’s clownish, scam-ridden institute is going down the tubes faster than ever.


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