TBI Bekasi’s New Owners

A few months ago we were contacted at this blog by the ‘new’ owners of TBI Bekasi (Ruko Sun City) who asked us to contact them about our allegations of fraud, corruption and teacher abuse. They provided us with an email account. We tried to contact them but the email address was no longer in use. Hmm. So much for new beginnings.

Nonetheless, the message was clearly no hoax- unlike the ceaseless online trolling of TBI sociopath Luke Preece in the bad old days. The name of this company has been used in numerous online ads for vacant teaching positions, which are suspiciously common at many of TBI’s ‘fine’ schools. Below is an example (in Bahasa Indonesia). It basically says that they are looking for both Native and Non-Native teachers to work at TBI Bekasi and they invite you to contact them. There is a somewhat oblique reference to how difficult the Indonesian job market was at the end of 2015 as well.

Gaji : Bisa hubungi PT Wibawa Adhi Nugiprasa –

English Language Instructors (Native and Non Native) – PT Wibawa Adhi Nugiprasa. Selamat datang untuk sahabat yang sedang mencari pekerjaan. Semoga tidak putus asa untuk mencari pekerjaan yang pas dengan spesialisasi Anda. Memang kadang mencari pekerjaan yang pas sangatlah tidak gampang di tahun 2015 ini. Pada kesempatan ini admin akan memberikan informasi English Language Instructors (Native and Non Native) – PT Wibawa Adhi Nugiprasa. Berikut info lebih detail mengenai English Language Instructors (Native and Non Native) – PT Wibawa Adhi Nugiprasa.

We should mention at this point that the reason TBI Bekasi has had so much difficulty attracting and retaining teachers was long due to the dishonest, abusive and sexually compulsive antics of the former manager, Binsar Simorangkir, whose specialties as a manager were lewd and lascivious conduct, ripping off teachers for their promised salaries and an explosive temper which spared no one in his path. If this new organization have bought this business from Binsar and his associates, they have picked themselves up a business with bad karma and ill will radiating off it like a miniature Fukushima Power Plant. This was a company where one former teacher was robbed in the parking lot on salary day and in which Binsar’s ‘office boys’/gangsters repeatedly stole phones and money from the bags of new teachers when they left in the staffroom. In famously, Binsar was detained by police for sexually interfering with a 14 year-old student at the school and several witnesses have reported that he often consumed pornography on school grounds. If PT Wibawa Adhi Nugiprasa want to turn this shameful business around, they certainly have their work cut out for them.

One thought on “TBI Bekasi’s New Owners

  1. he really is a bad school manager with that temper. but i often talk to his family and they are good people. maybe binsar just force his family to work there.

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