Luke Preece Update (Part 1 of 3)

More on Luke Preece please. It’s very interesting. I knew him when he was making lunches for TBI Dago. What’s he up to now?”

This request found its way into our inbox a few days ago, and we haven’t had the chance to respond to it until now. After all, we thought we had tirelessly documented Luke Preece’s unethical and unprofessional antics in painstaking detail. Spying on people. Playing his self-confessed mistress in charge of Marketing. Throwing away CVs of more qualified candidates so his unqualified cronies could get jobs. Lying about having done so. Giving people bonuses and extra payments in exchange for making complaints about his enemies. Alleging that other managers were criminal masterminds. Calling the TBI Director a “c_unt” behind her back and daydreaming about killing her, and then brown-nosing her endlessly at work.

Conducting smear campaigns about other expat managers until they were finally fired. Encouraging teachers to slander people and make false reports against his ‘enemies’. Managing a school where $200,000 was embezzled, not reportng the alleged perps and then getting a promotion immediately afterwards. Carrying suitcases of cash around that ought to have been deposited in the bank. Going on holidays for days when he was supposed to be auditing schools. The man was a disgrace to the name of education and he drove TBI into the ground.

After he became Franchise Manager, the company stopped expanding after years of growth. He had a reverse Midas touch- everything he touched turned to reeking, corrupt crap. The company was soon on Dave’s ESL Cafe constantly begging for teachers to work for them. There were ever fewer takers. Their name became synonymous with an illegal visa scam which dragged on for years. The corruption of TBI became on open secret. The company became a joke and it shrivelled as schools continued to open all over Indonesia. Preece achieved nothing except proving the old maxim that putting a sociopath in charge of a company is the death knell for its profitability and reputation. However, that is old news. I haven’t got around to answering the question of what he is up to now. That story takes us from Bandung and Jakarta- his old stomping grounds- to TBI Bali. We will tell it over the next few days.

Luke Preece.jpg

On the right is Luke Preece, the charlatan educator of Indonesia

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