Is ILC in Its Death Throes?

The latest information we have received about International Language Centre suggests that this now-notorious language school is even more troubled than it was several months ago. From the various reports we have received, it may only be a matter of months now before this ‘house of cards’ falls down, joining Rumah Bahasa, Global Bahasa and Global Language Centre on the growing list of failed and fraudulent language schools from Indonesia.


The latest sign of dysfunction from ILC is, perhaps, the most serious sign that it is going to fold. The company is now paying its staff salaries by installment, with staff receiving their salaries in five installments per month, one every five to seven days.

In Indonesia it is normal for workers to be paid monthly, so this five-times-per-month system is absolutely unheard of. It is a surefire sign of something very odd at ILC, almost certainly in the area of cash flow. The conclusion that most people have drawn is that they will soon run out of money and that the whole business will collapse. This view is supported by the fact at times even power bills have not been paid at ILC schools, and the lights have been turned off for hours at a time.


A few months ago the majority of the expat teachers were let go of. This was easy, as most of them were working illegally without proper work visas. The ones who are left, such as the infamous Max Wagner- the German teacher- are extremely unprofessional. Wagner has been accused of asking his students for dates, borrowing money off this students and even stealing a chocolate bar from a small child and making her cry! The contempt of his students has been very clear. This is not a school which upholds any standards you would want to emulate.


A number of ILC branches have already closed and insiders tell us that the endgame is already clear. The school has already started money laundering profits through two smaller schools, namely World Language Academy and Seven Languages. It is alleged that they do not have any capital to renew their leases when the current leases run out. The money has all been laundered and hidden elsewhere. When the contracts run out. ILC will claim to be broke and thousands of customers will be defrauded of their student payments, just like happened at Rumah Bahasa. The owners, Werdy Kasim and Husein Lee, will in fact have run off with most of it. This is not so much a school as a premeditated crime.





2 thoughts on “Is ILC in Its Death Throes?

  1. Dear : Moderator , As I know maybe Rumah Bahasa make the mistake before but I think is better than ILC as I know from my friend too that RB is closed and sell the total asset to other foreigner with terms and condition that the owner of RB still paid the salary of some employee that still follow the rules until the RB 100% sold to other person better than others. RB before made the mistake which is maybe some teacher did not provide KITAS but some teacher use its. Rumah Bahasa actually was victim of ILC cheating that ILC take all of the staff and promised ti them about payment more than RB , and then as I know from the boss that one of fucking guy FACHRUL WARDIANSYAH was made plan to assault RB with incite some staff to move into ILC , As you know too that in education business that Human Resources is very important for the organization. Whatever people talking bad about RB but I really appreciate my experience there as teacher too that now I am the part of BPK Teacher , BPK really shocking when they know that I must prepare the material from 10 books everyday as my task before teaching german and all of the other experience from RB. Hope you not erase my comment , I really appreciate you as the moderator of this blog , Whenever I always active and always give my time to open this blog and give contribution to help other people.
    Thank you so much , moderator…

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