Is It Maximilian Wagner or Budi Santoso?

One of the most controversial teachers in the multi-language school sector has been Maximilian Wagner. Over the past six months we have received numerous complaints that this teacher is rude, uneducated and unprofessional. The name ‘Mr. Max’ keeps coming up again and again. There have also been allegations of sexual impropriety in the workplace made. A former teacher of Global Language Centre who has now moved across to International Language Centre (ILC), Mr. Max has inspired controversy wherever he has gone. We have frequently received requests to report on his alleged sexual misdeeds, but we have just allowed the allegations to remain in the comments section, never having met this man ourselves.

Yet last week Mr. Max contacted this blog himself. He stated that he is a married family man and strenuously denied the accusations. He said that while it was true he had worked at the now-bankrupt GLC and the much-maligned ILC, the sexual allegations were baseless. Yet unfortunately for Mr. Max, he did a very strange thing. As well as writing to us twice under his own name, he also wrote to us once impersonating an Indonesian! How do we know? Because the hex codes of these messages were the same- they had been sent from the same computer. Here is one of his messages, written as Mr. Max:

It seems that you know a little bit about me. it is correct that I worked for Rumah Bahasa and GLC, but the rest is a big lie. Maybe you can say that Rumah Bahasa and GLC doesn’t exist anymore and many students still wanne have back their money. Mhm, no teacher got fired at Rumah Bahasa. Mr. Frendy Horas just didn’t want to pay salary. I am not more working for GLC, because I found a better job. But they became mad and started with stupid gossip.

@ Wanda + murid ILC: Are you from GLC / RB/ Dunia Bahasa or from 7 Languages?

But then there was another one in which he pretended to be a kindly Indonesian ‘abang’ (older brother) who said that his ‘adek’ (younger sibling) was studying at ILC and loving it. Here is the text (in Indonesian) of this ridiculous and deceptive post from Mr. Max. It seems that he is trying to defend ILC, his employer, by pretending that the customers are happy with the course after all. But it really is unethical behaviour, which does tend to confirm the reports that his judgment and character are suspect. Is Max (or should that be Budi?) really someone that we can trust? Or he is just another con artist pretending to be a teacher one minute and an Indonesian ‘abang’ the next? There is a whole lot about ILC which is worrying. Here is the text of Max impersonating an Indonesian abang:

heehhhh kalian semua itu brisiiikkk yaaa…adekku 3 org di ilc tp asik asik aja.malah adek2ku makin bagus perkembangan bahasanya…krn adek2ku cuma ngambil ilmunya aja di ilc.bukan untuk ngurusin management atau karyawannya.kasian yaa kalian.pd bersihkan hati dan fikirannya yaa“.

Kalian semua brisssiiikkkk ya? What a joke. Hati hati Mr. Max dan ILC.

One thought on “Is It Maximilian Wagner or Budi Santoso?

  1. Max Wagner? Benar-benar guru kampungan
    Saking kampungannya suka bertingkah aneh2 di kelas
    Harusnya guru native yang kek gini dipecat jangan guru lain yang berkualitas

    Gw udah pernah ambil kelas dia, kerja dia cuma nyanyi2 ga jelas dan gw kapok buang waktu di kelas ini. Menjijikan sekali, bahasa jerman gw lebih bagus diajar guru local disbanding guru bule kampungan kek max
    anak kecil aja pernah dia bikin nangis kok gara2 coklatnya diambil,

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