Waspadai Husein Lee dan ILC

With the braveness of Husein Lee and 20Million Rupiah , Husein Lee start presale in Poins Square and Carrefour Lebak Bulus. 5 Months Presale , Husein Lee get total money IDR 3.500.000.000 (Three point Five Billion Rupiah) from his money just 20.000.000 IDR (Twenty Million Rupiah).

The First Manager is Fachrul Wardiansyah (The Homosexual Manager with big promise but never follow his promise – The Big Fat Liar). From Poins Square Money , Husein Lee start again their presale just open booth in Mall Ciputra and always duplicate their way until they have 10 branches and the latest is Plaza Semanggi. Husein never have any education system , any education standardization , and any quality of education. Woman Sales of ILC always use the shortest skirt (rok) and between the staff of ILC , they always do free of life and anything.

Because the reputation of ILC that always make people dissapointed until the 10th branches , Husein start invest their money into several new languages school with their colleguea . ILC always say 90% of their teacher is Native when presale , but when opening is 90% Local Teacher. All of Native Teacher in there is working without KITAS and IMTA. But The Immigration Officer never caught them. Fachrul Wardiansyah is always behind of Husein Lee and always ask about money to him.

ILC Invest their money into Global Language Center , Speak Easy International Language Center , Dunia Bahasa International Language Center , Global Bahasa International Language Center. From where Husein get money 20million ? Husein was born in very poor chinese family , When Husein working and get fired from Celebrity Fitness , Husein Claim his right and his loss of non material in PHI (Pengadilan Hubungan Industrial / Industrial Relation Court) in Pancoran , Total amount is IDR 500.000.000 (Five Hundred Million Rupiah). From that money Husein get anything.
Behind Husein a lot of bad people manage ILC : Werdy Kasim , Fernanda Nando , Indra Michael , Fachrul Wardiansyah , Cerson Hutabarat , Riswanda , and Jenty Lim. ILC is like the group of Mafia. I think had better everyone in Indonesia start to reject any offering from ILC.

One thought on “Waspadai Husein Lee dan ILC

  1. Kursus-kursus ginian ada gara2 banyak anak muda nafsu pengen jadi polyglot supaya kelihatan keren :marah
    lagian gimana bisa belajar banyak bahasa sekaligus
    soalnya mulai tahun 2012 lagi tren belajar banyak bahasa :cd

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