Husein Lee’s International Language Centre: The New Fraud on the Block

It has been an astonishing few months for Indonesia’s crisis-prone language sector. Here are just some of the biggest changes that have occured over the past few months: Riswanda of Global Bahasa has now disappeared after being released from police custody; Fenty and Yuda Sugama have vacated both their houses and gone into hiding, with the police dragging their heels despite the existence of mass-fraud at Global Language Centre; and Frendy Horas‘s school chain out of business, the young con-man having been reduced to tears when 90% of his staff walked out simultaneously, putting the final nail in the Rumah Bahasa coffin.

Yet even with all these frauds and con-artists on the run, there are still some very nasty operators out there. And one of the most worrying is Husein Lee, who is the head of the International Language Center (ILC) group. This man appears to be the missing link who joins a lot of these fraudulent schools together. One former staff member has argued that really there were five schools in Husein Lee’s empire and it is very worrying that two out of five of them- Global Language Center and Global Bahasa– have now folded, claiming thousands of victims. Here is the list we were given which descrbes the former extent of Husein Lee’s business interests:

International Language Center (ILC) Group, controlled by Husein Lee

1. International Language Center (GLC)
2. Global Language Center (GLC)
3. Global Bahasa ILC (GBILC)
4. Speakeasy ILC (SEILC)
5. Universal Language Center (ULC)
Basenya di Tanjung Duren

We also received the following comment (see below) about Husein Lee’s ILC, which now has at least 9 branches in Jakarta. It is written in Indonesian, but basically it is just a list of different branches of schools in Husein Lee’s multi-language school empire. It is quite a long list by any standards, which just shows how high the stakes are in this game. Typically when one of these schools goes bust, there could be anywhere between 300 and 1500 victims, and each person will typically be $500 to $1000 out of pocket, which is a very large sum in Indonesia, where incomes are much lower than in the West. We need to do everything we can to steer people away from ILC towards safer brands.

Penipuan ILC Group harus segera diuangkap karena saat ini yang bernaung dalam ILC group adalah global bahasa ILC , Speak Easy ILC , GLC , ILC sendiri, Dunia Bahasa ILC. Cabang2 mereka ada di Mall Ciputra , Poins Square , La Piazza , Mall of Indonesia , Saint Moritz Puri Indah , Supermall Karawaci , Blok M Plaza , Grand Metropolitan Mall Bekasi , Supermall PTC Surabaya , Global Bahasa ILC : Cibubur Citra Gran , ITC BSD , Festival Citylink Bandung. Dunia Bahasa ILC : Ciputra Land Surabaya , Kalibata City , Cikarang Lippo , Summarecon Serpong.

Jangan bairkan anak – anak kehilangan masa depan mereka karena kursus yang tidak bertanggung jawab.

ILC-A new school chain attracting horror tales

ILC-A new school chain attracting horror tales

One thought on “Husein Lee’s International Language Centre: The New Fraud on the Block

  1. Ilc surabaya tutup..tanpa adanya pemberitahuan..dan sisa masa kursus tolong dikembalikan…kursus ngaco disini.malinnng

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