A Global Language Centre Teacher Speaks Out

A few days ago we requested inside information about Global Language Centre, a language school chain which has suddenly collapsed, leaving thousands of students out of pocket. One former teacher has kindly responded, offering a fairly bleak view of a mismanaged, rather desperate school. Here is what she had to say about the latest language school in Indonesia to leave customers fuming.

Teacher’s Comments

I was a teacher at this damned language centre…

Here are some informations I know:

1. The owners’ names are Fenty Tekla Sugama and Yudha Firdaus Sugama.

2. They said they were going to find someone (an investor) to buy their shares, so that they can be back in the business with a new management. Due to this matter, the learning activities in all their centers are postponed… (personally, I think this is just another bullshit made by the owner… nobody wants to buy such a shitty investment…)

3. They have thousands of students…

Around 2500 at GM Plaza…
1000 at Pejaten
1300 at Hypermall Bekasi…

And there are some students who have paid in advance for their future branches in Bogor, Cibubur  and somewhere in Jakarta… I forgot where exactly… They opened some booths there to do a pre-sale…

4. Staff members and teachers haven’t been paid… don’t bother working at this hellish chain of bullshit schools…

Actually, it was good course at first, but the financial occured after they opened a new branch at Pejaten Village…

They have been unstable ever since…I guess they lack in management skills and expertise

One of the ethnically themed rooms at Global Language Centre, a failed language school

One of the ethnically themed rooms at Global Language Centre, a failed language school

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