British Council Surabaya Centre Manager Job Ad

In the last few days the British Council Surabaya have placed an ad for a Centre Manager. This is good news for anyone interested in quality education in Indonesia, as the British Council are a well-respected and professional operation with an international reputation. This stands in marked contrast with local imitator PT. Titian Buama Ilmu, a purely Indonesian company which has been fooling customers that they are somehow ‘British’ for years by calling themselves ‘The British Institute’.

In fact PT. Titian Buana llmu does not employ a single British national as School Manager at any of their schools; nor is there a single Brit employed at Head Office. This very Indonesian company, TBI, have even gone as far as moving into a premises just vacated by the British Council in Jakarta to try and dupe customers they are somehow affiliated with the British Council. Whereas the British Council enjoy an international reputation, TBI are complete no-names outside Indonesia, despite a mission statement that has boasted of their desire to spread throughout South-East Asia. Yet in truth they have only 3 branches outside the western end of Java and branches outside Indonesia remain nothing but a pipe dream.

TBI offer nothing but books such as Cutting Edge and English in Mind, which have been brought straight off a catalogue. Despite having been around in West Java for 30 years, they have never published so much as a single book, revealing the rock-bottom academic standards within the organization. While their big-name rivals develop their own intellectual property such as books and software, TBI uses books developed by Pearson which anyone could buy at an educational bookstore. Without any academic achievements to boast off, they are reduced to pretending to be British, and maybe even a British Council affiliate, in a shameless attempt to steal some of the British Council’s allure. It has gone on too long, and hopefully with the return of the British Council to Indonesia and Surabaya, the game will be up for the pale British Council imitators at TBI.

If you are interested in applying for a job with the British Council, go to the following web address:

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