TBI’s Disinformation Campaign- Part 2

After the closure of the first thread, TBI wasn’t done yet with trying to turn Living in Indonesia into a vehicle for their disinformation campaign. VardBon might have been gone, but a mysterious new user, ToBellow, turned up and starting say exactly the same things. ToBellow immediately started a scare campaign that was heavy on hyperbole and wild speculation. Laughably, this individual claimed that our activities were jeopardizing 80-90% (very scientific figures!) of the entire TESOL teaching population of Indonesia. Yikes! Scary stuff! Here is ‘ToBellow” in full disinformation mode:

Vitriol is spewed from this website every day. Responses are either ignored or heavily censored. This leads to a lack of dialogue. The website in question could potentially affect around 80-90% of all teachers in Indonesia, depending on how serious the bloggers are.

Well, none of these dangers ever materialized, of course, but when has the truth or reality ever got in the way of a disinformation campaign? What is more interesting is the warning the moderator gave when this new thread popped up.

However, talking for example about the sexuality or personality of the bloggers or making direct or indirect threats as it has been done in the TBI Kuningan’s thread is an obvious breach of our policy and is unacceptable. If anyone wants to answer to any of the posts on the blog, if anyone wants to use our forum to threaten them or to answer a threat made by them, then one has only one solution: Creating one’s own blog. Do not, I repeat do NOT use this forum to get even with them.

Threats of violence against the authors of this blog. Homophobic attacks on the sexuality of the authors. This is an accurate description of the hatred and aggression which popped up in the first thread. And ironically this hate speech was from the people who were calling our posts ‘spewed vitriol’. In short, TBI’s disinformation campaign had merged with straight out cyber-bullying that was unacceptable to objective 3rd parties and an offense to civilized debate. Once again, the moderator didn’t pause to reflect what sort of language school threatens violence and goes into ranting homophobic hate speech when challenged. Surely this was yet more evidence that there was something very wrong with TBI. But at least he twigged enough to TBI’s dubious intentions to issue this stern reminder:

I fail to see how digressing about the bloggers sexual orientation may help the community. This is why 5 posts have been axed in the TBI Kuningan’s thread. In short, if you want to level them, livinginindonesiaforum.org is not the place you should have chosen and is not the perfect place for it.

Tellingly, at this point ‘ToBellow” pretty much gave up. Once he wasn’t allowed to engage in personal attacks, cyber-bullying and homophobic taunts about ‘dirty faggots’ and the like, he lost interest. A factual debate was the very last thing he wanted. TBI are only interested in disinformation because the last thing they want to talk about are their visa rackets for unqualified teachers. The truth is simply too threatening for them. They would rather throw mud, bluster and bully, because they have no real answers to the tough questions about their scam-ridden business. Therefore, it was no surprise that this well-moderated forum was of no interest to Luke and his cronies. The thread died a quick death, TBI’s second disinformation campaign on the forum proving a very damp squib indeed. Predictably, the disinformation agents had fled from the arena of truth.

TBI Warned Again Not to Troll

TBI Warned Again Not to Troll


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