TBI Plays the Victim Again

One of the most salient features of TBI’s legal letter to WordPress was the way that they fell into their favorite role when dealing with 3rd parties. As always, they start playing the victim and alleging that the person telling the truth about them is a vicious bully. Look at the legal document they sent to WordPress and you will see a polished act of deceit. They write, for example, that this blog features “bogus claims” and that we have been “misrepresenting” TBI and its employees. Most bizarrely of all they claim that we hadn’t even met some of the people we have “defamed” on this blog. Wow, we must be really crazy if we are defaming complete strangers, mustn’t we? TBI, a company with a history of illegal and immoral behaviour, suddenly pretends to be an innocent, suffering victim to the 3rd party and then paints its former victims as the real culprit.

Yet we have described precisely this process before in our post on sociopathic triangulation. There is a body of work from experts on sociopathy which shows that this is entirely typical of how toxic individuals and corporations operate. They behave in an incredibly unscrupulous way, exploiting everyone who crosses their path, and then the minute anyone stands up to their bullying, they act innocent and scream that the person telling the truth about them is the true bully. Typically, they then engage in a nasty smear campaign against the person who has spoken out, all to discredit this person in the eyes of 3rd parties. TBI Senior Management is a master of these techniques. For example, we have their infamous black-list, with more than 50 teachers’ names on it. If you threaten to expose them, they will immediately threaten to black-list you and make you unemployable in Indonesia.

Bogus Claims…Based on Hard Evidence

On this blog we have printed newspaper articles which reported that TBI teachers had been deported from Indonesia because they had been put on the wrong visa. When we say that they have broken laws, this is something backed up by articles in the national press.

When we said that Luke Preece, an Australian con-man, cooked up a scheme to employ teachers illegally on business consultant visas and play dumb if Immigration did a raid, that is something which is supported by leaked emails. We showed a special contract under which teachers rejected by the government would be employed on business consultant visas and used anyway. This was an elaborate scheme to break the law, and its existence is supported by ample documentary evidence. Yet they blithely assure people these documents are somehow bogus, sweeping all the dirt under the carpet. This is simply not how  respectable, trustworthy businesses operate.

Further, in recent weeks we have focused on age discrimination, showing how this discriminatory company refused to consider job applicants over 25 for customer service positions. It is there in black and white in their own job ads, and we provided screen dumps to prove it. Similarly, we showed how their claims to have “created new software” were completely fake, providing links to websites which prove that Pearson, not TBI, created the “Islands” program. TBI had merely bought a license to use this software in their schools. Yet with these people, ignoring hard proof and refusing to acknowledge serious allegations is a deeply ingrained habit. Provide proof that they have been lying to people, and they immediately act outraged and hurt and start playing their favorite role: the eternal victim.


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